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Hong Kong Fashion Week is a major bi- annual Asian fashion trade fair representing hottest Asian collection.

Hong Kong Fashion Week

Hong Kong Fashion Week (HKFW) has stormed the glamour world with its fantastic designs. This major bi- annual Asian fashion trade fair representing hottest Asian collection has been a super hit. There is a tremendous rise in the number of visitors, which has risen to about 13,000. People from all over the world gather to witness this premier four-day fashion event. This is the apt show stage where you can find the haute couture ensemble of Asia's best designers. South Koreans are simply crazy about it.

This exhibition displays the exotic variety divided into two categories: one that depicts the exclusively artistic patterns of the famous fashion designers carrying big brand names and the other presents beautiful attire and accessories meant for mass purchasing. Response that the fair gets from the audience is simply superb. Nearly 350 designers participate in this fashion week representing about 12 countries mainly China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Europe. There are different pavilions for distinctive country collections.

Japanese styles are selling like hot cakes among Hong Kong women. But South Korea is striving equally hard and has undoubtedly made its presence felt. More and more designers are busy making casual wear more elegant and attractive. Beautiful intricate embroideries and beadwork is in vogue. Hong Kong Fashion Week is one platform where you can get class array of products. The best part about it is that it offers the best deal for shopping by selling attires of high craftsmanship at the most reasonable prices. So, people go and experiment with different Asian styles.