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Paris fashion show Pret A Porter is a major International Womenswear Fashion Trade Exhibition of France.

Paris Fashion Show Pret A Porter

If you are looking out for the mod haute couture fashion then Paris fashion show Pret A Porter is just the perfect place where you can check out the exclusive variety with a difference. With the unique display of classic to contemporary designs, this major International Womenswear Fashion Trade Exhibition Pret A Porter of France is the one of its kinds. It has created a sensation in the world of fashion. It has enjoyed a worldwide appreciation and has now completed its 100 years.

Beautiful models catwalk on to the ramps exhibiting fall fashions and the hot latest collection. The specialty about this grand fashion event is that it gives an insight into the future fashion trends. This four day long premiere fashion show has truly gone international and stepped into the arena of fashion world. It is a golden opportunity for the designers to adorn the beauty of women with their wonderful designer collection.

Nearly 1,054 designers exhibited their splendid designs in the Pret A Porter Paris 100th session and gained success in taking people to the fantasy glamour world. Some of the designers who showed glimpses of their exotic art and created bizarre are Alexandra Navas, Frank Albou, Claudie Pierlot, Irakli Nasidzé. Audience learnt about the 1500 brands that are the real masters behind these dazzling designs. This fabulous extravaganza is simply rocking the world and is making people crazy on the international parlance.