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Bausch & Lomb is a brand name eyewear. Read about Bausch & Lomb products including eyeglasses, contact lens and sunglasses.

Bausch & Lomb Brand

Bausch & Lomb brand is well known for its eye care. Brand name eyewear Bausch & Lomb is all about great vision in a sleek look. The market is flooded with a wide array of Bausch & Lomb products including eyeglasses, contact lens and sunglasses, binoculars, microscope, magnifier, surgical and pharmaceutical products. When it comes to healthcare, Bausch & Lomb no doubt occupies a supreme position.

It is a brand that is gaining popularity world over. Known for its best quality, this company was established in 1853 with its headquarter in New York. It was initially founded by John Jacob Bausch but later due to financial constraints, he borrowed a couple of dollars from his dear friend Henry Lomb with a promise to make him a partner if the business flourished. Gradually, the business boomed leading to successful partnership between Bausch & Lomb. This is how the company got its name.

It has set up its foot in the international arena with its products selling like hotcakes in more than 100 countries. This empire has a turnover of nearly $2.2 billion. It has been continuously striving to bring about new innovations in the field of vision care. It aims at making this beautiful world more beautiful for you. Eyes are precious so take care of your eyes with Bausch & Lomb eye care products.