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Nike has set up its foot as a major footwear brand. Discover comfort with buying Nike shoes.

Nike Brand

Nike brand is leading the footwear industry with its cool funky shoes. Nike, a symbol of comfort and style is gaining popularity among people of all age groups. In the list of major players, Nike with its extraordinarily comfortable shoes has set up its foot in the fashion world as a leading footwear brand. Nike exhibits an exotic variety of shoes ranging from Nike sneakers to basketball shoes and running shoes. Buying Nike shoes won't let you down and you'll feel proud of your choice.

Major footwear brand Nike started off in 1962 as a partnership between Bill Bowerman, the coach of University of Oregon and Phil Knight, a student of the same university. Initially it was named Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS). It was later in 1972 the firm was renamed 'Nike'. Nike is a Greek word that denoted the goddess of victory. Subsequently Nike entered into another partnership with Hurley International and is today doing wonders.

By the end of August 2004, Nike launched a new subsidiary called Exeter Brands Group to come up with a variety with a difference. This unit primarily focused on footwear for athletics. Nike in itself is a big business empire employing a total of about one million talented people.

Nike aims at making big in business and is continuously striving hard to achieve its dreams of becoming the biggest. It is casting its spell on the six continents of the world and is involved in extensive marketing. When it comes to health and fitness, Nike is not to be forgotten. Nike is the other name for comfort and style and people just rock and roll in the comfort zone with Nike.