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Buying necktie is all about choosing the perfect necktie out of the varied designer man ties.

Buying Necktie For Men

Wearing tie is not just sufficient for the perfect gentleman look, but what makes a difference is the right shirt tie combo. Your business suit is incomplete without the tie. There is a vast array of designer man ties available in the market. Out of this exotic variety of knot ties, buying necktie for men becomes virtually difficult. If you are not able to find the perfect necktie, then you can also go in for custom tie that is specially tailored just for you to give you the perfect fit you desire to have. Ties come up in a variety of materials like cotton and silk.

These men necktie-buying tips are a great help in choosing the perfect neck tie for men:
  • Ensure that the color of your tie is darker than the shade of your shirt.
  • Bright shades in tie are a total no.
  • Tie should be at least 3.5 inches wide. Don't compromise with it for the sake of design.
  • Ideal tie length is waist long.
  • Clips should be avoided on ties.
  • Your tie color should not coincide with your shirt color. Avoid similar shades. Otherwise the charm of your tie will be lost.
  • While shopping tie matching with a particular business suit, ensure that the main prominent color of tie should go well with the suit color, while the secondary tie color should match the shirt color.