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It is interesting to know about turbans for men. Read about man turban styles & head turbans for men.

Turbans For Men

You must have seen Sikh and Rajasthani men in turban well this turban means a lot to them. Turbans for men hold religious significance. Infact in Hindu weddings wearing head turbans for men is a kind of custom where the girl's as well as boy's father are found bedecking their heads with a turban more commonly known as 'Pugree'. It has become an integral part of wedding ceremonies. It's interesting to see Indian men draping their turbans. As you travel region by region you'll see varied turban tying styles. Read further to know about man turban styles….

Turban is a very flexible and adaptive kind of clothing accessory, which can be well adjusted and worn according to the situation. While at home turbans are tied in an easygoing manner, which is hassle free to carry and quick to tie. Rajasthani turbans not only protect men from the heat of searing sun but also are indicative of one's class and caste.

Styling and color of Rajasthani turban also known as 'Safa' tells you a lot about the person and helps you to figure out things about him like what is he by profession and how does he earn his bread and butter. Safa is ten meters in length and one meter in width but it is not standard because every 12 meters you travel in Rajasthan you will find variations. You'll be amazed to know that color in itself signifies occasion for example dot prints and bright shades in turban are usually attired at the time of birth and marriage. Dull dark colors like dark blue are worn to pray for the departed soul of a family member.

As a mark of respect Sikhs do not cut their hair and in order to bedeck their long hair, they attire turban. Peaked turban also known as 'pugree' is the pride of Sikh men and any kind of disrespect shown towards it is not tolerated in the Sikh community. These turbans come up in multiple colors but the most common ones are maroon, black, navy blue and green. Bright shades like red are meant for the young guys. Well the loose easy type turban worn at home is known as 'Dastar' and what kids wear is very informal type pugree known as 'Patka'. Well whatever they may wear in what so ever style but the ultimate purpose is to cover their head as a sign of respect to elders and god. Tying turban is truly an art, which is seriously not everyone's cup of tea.