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Here are tips on finding the short man informal wear. Read about fashion casual clothing for short men.

Short Man Informal Wear

Fashion is all about dressing smart. Flatter your body by representing your best body features while camouflaging the physical flaws. Short man informal wear has to be different from that of a taller man.

Here are some fashion tips for short men fashion clothing that will provide guidelines regarding the casual clothing for shorter men: -
  • Don't wear anything flashy that is like to throw extra lights on you. Simple and best should be your fashion style.
  • Vertical lines are the perfect pattern for you as it gives a taller slimmer appearance. Horizontal designing is a total no.
  • Similar color tones in trouser and top would work best for you. Say if you've attired dark blue jeans, you can try out a nice blue colored may be a lighter shade of blue in T-shirt. Uniformity is the best concept, so try following it.
  • Your wardrobe style should be comfort ad fit. Too loose or tight fit both are likely to accentuate your short stature.
  • Avoid short tops. The perfect top length would be waist long.
  • In blazers and jackets, the ideal number of buttons would be maximum three.
  • Any kind of baggy designing on hips would make you look skinny.
  • V necklines are just perfect for you.
  • Do not tuck your T-shirt inside.