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In the catalog of traditional man Indian footwear, Punjabi & Rajasthani jutties and mojris for males are very popular.

Jutties & Mojri For Men

The catalogue of traditional men footwear is incomplete without the mention of Jutties and Mojris for men. When attired with an ethnic outfit like Sherwani, Jodhpuri etc, Indian footwear Punjabi juttis for men look simply fabulous. Man Rajasthani jutis and mojris for males come up in beautiful bright rainbow colors. Sometimes you can find them in single color but to add on a little sparkling effect, a combination of multiple color threads is used to give a glittery look as the special occasion demands. Elaborate designs using multiple beads are incorporated.

Jutties usually have a pointed toe, which sets it apart from other footwear. They consist of network also known as 'jaali' made up of golden fine threads. These jutties include beautiful embroideries, which add the real glow to the footwear. The reservoir of juttis is comprehensive consisting of multiple varieties like King Wedding jutties, Sytle jutti, Khausa jutti, Punch Zari and Comfort jutties, Energise jutties and Mesmeric Embroidery jutties. Made up with silk and gold threads, King wedding jutties are indicative of rich craftsmanship. Punch Zari jutties, as the name suggests uses a lot of Zari to create splendid designs.

Mojris are an equal competitor and encompasses mind-blowing options ranging from Ruby Red Mojri to Marbal Punch Mojri, Nari Silk mojris, Achkan Mojri, Sherwani Mojri and maroon Mojris. Nari silk mojris are an epitome of delicacy and sophistication. Sherwani jutties are specially designed to be worn with designer Sherwani suits. So, experiment with different jutties and colorful Mojris for that special look that the festivity deserves.