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Woman fashion Boots are practical and fashionable. Read about women leather boots and woman casual dressy boots for women.

Women Fashion Boots

Latest haute couture footwear trend is of woman fashion boots. Boot is footwear that covers not just your feet but goes high upto your ankle or even more. In cold regions, casual dressy boots for girls are just ideal for the climate. Women also attire it to indicate their boldness and firmness, thus making their distinct fashion statement. Boot heel is not very high. There is another footwear type similar to boot style but is absolutely flat called Bootie. It is actually a shoe in the style of boot.

While picking up a boot, be sure about the grip or amount of support it offers. Too soft boots can be a cause of ankle sprains and too hard boot may result in limping, tottering and disrupted walking style. Major factors that need to be kept in mind while shopping women boots are your body weight, climate and the type of terrain where you'll move about wearing these boots.

Good fit gives you the necessary comfort and strong grip provides the required support. Good fit must ensure that there is ample space for your toes to breathe. Fit is also dependent upon the last (material used in the making or repairing of shoes). Last type differs from company to company and last used in making men boots is distinct from that of women boots.

Thigh high women leather boots are very famous among celebrities and models. They look funky and stylish but are not very comfortable to wear. They look fabulous with tight fitting jeans and give you a chic look. Flaunt your hip-hop style trendy boots but not at the expense of your foot health, so make an intelligent choice.