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Indian Bridal Jewelry

The Indian bridal jewelry adds special effects to the bride's look and brings out that gorgeous look in her. There is a need to beautify the bride from head to toe for the perfect complete look. The gamut of bridal fashion jewelry encompasses Maangtika, Earrings, Nose Ring, Necklace, Bangles, Waistband, Anklets and Toe rings.

Maangtika - It is a designer bridal jewelry, which glorifies the center parting. It comes in different styles and colors using various gemstones primarily diamonds and pearls. It usually consists of a string hooked at the top with some elegantly designed centerpiece resting on the other end. It can also be in the form of a crown. The trend of Mangtika will never fade.

Earrings - Well, the choice of earrings depends on your trousseau style and color too. If your bridal attire is very gaudy in shades of reddish maroon or copper brown, you should go in for gold jewelry. If your wardrobe is in pastel color is done you can opt for the delicate pearls, diamonds and other studs. Danglers give you a chic look. In case you want to maintain sobriety, then you can go in for studs and small hoops.

Nose Ring - nose ring should be chosen according to earring color and style. The traditionally worn nose ring called "Nath" consisted of studded ring with a long chain hooked up in the hair. Lot of innovations are taking place in its designing. It has become a fashion statement today with more and more women getting their nose pierced.

Necklace - necklace is the most eye catchy jewelry. It should blend with your earring and nose ring design and color and should also match with your wardrobe neck cut. Long necklace would go well with deep neck. For high neckline, Choker would just be perfect. People with short necks should wear attire with plunging necklines and accordingly choose necklace.

Bangles - bangles and bracelets are a symbol of our Indian culture and tradition. Armband looks sexy on sleeveless cuts. Brides embellish their hands through an exquisite variety of bracelets and bangles. Bangle bracelets are the latest trend. Take care that bangle design should match your earring and necklace design. Wedding is incomplete without a ring. It is worn in the index finger. If you have maintained that ethnic look you can go in for gold ring. For modern outfit precious stones would be just perfect.

Waist Band - Slim and trim figure can be highlighted with an artistic kamarband. It can be worn with sari as well as lehnga.

Anklets And Toe rings - Market is flooded with a commendably fabulous range of anklets and toe rings. They give you a chic look. These bridal foot jewelries flaunt your feet in the most elegant manner. Intricate designs in works of meenakari, kundan and beads do wonders.

Gemstones are in vogue and apt for summer season to match with your cool fabric and light shades. In winter season you can go in for heavy gold work to complement your bright colored heavy warm fabric. Don't forget it's a day when all eyes are on you so you got to look like an angel who looks gorgeous and stunning.