Poems for grandfather are meant to honor them on Father's Day. Check out a list of Father's Day poems for grandfather.

Poems for Grandfather

Father's Day, in a broader concept, means acknowledging all the fatherly figures. On Father's Day, one must make sure whoever a father is in your surrounding, should be treated with utmost respect and admiration. In that case, ones grandfather is among those people. One should not forget the fact that after our parents, it is our grandparents who showers us with unconditional love. Granddad is the one who adores us, spoils us and pampers us the most. His moralizing bedtime stories intended to teach us the values of life are really praise worthy. The childhood episode of ones life becomes even more cherished because of his presence. Father's Day provide us with a chance of showing our acknowledgment towards them with a gift. A poem written in the honor of your grandfather will definitely be a lovely gift and make him feel glad. If one cannot write a poem, than pick up from our segment of Fathers Day poems for grandfather.

The Way We Were Our Bond

Beautiful blue eyes with serenity of the sea,
Reflection of the sky's on a bright and sunny day,
My little hand in yours, my protector and my guide,
Don't walk too fast granddad for I am by your side.

My eyes are your eyes and your heart is my heart,
We share so much likeness we were never apart,
You would tell me your stories of the Vietnamese War,
I felt all that pain as the enemies kept score.

Big strong shoulders not just to carry me but to carry the world too,
The strength inside of you for all you went through,
The peace you gave me knowing you would always love me,
And the kindness and happiness you gave me and I gave you.

No fear do you have or grudges do you hold, my big strong hero
So brave and so bold, a firm hand to hold me a firm word shows the way
Your little girl forever it's the way it will always stay

The bond that we have I have never seen or felt before
My face would light up when you would walk through the door
You tuck me in bed then turn off the light but I wasn't scared
Of the shadows in the night

For I knew it was you keeping watch over me no harm and no badness
Would you let me see, safe in your arms untouchable it seems
After God took you away it was all in my dreams

And all that is left is my memories of you
I know you are with me and in my heart I'm with you too

Beautiful blue eyes with serenity of the sea,
Reflection of the sky's reflections of me,
My little hand in yours, my protector and my guide,
Don't walk too fast granddad for I am by your side
- Sinead Harris

What Is A Grandpa?

A grandpa is a father a grandpa is a son.
A grandpa is a husband all grandpas are loved.
Some grandpas have hair while others are bald.
Some grandpas fish and others like hunting.
A grandpa can be more than just a grandpa though.
A grandpa can be a friend who knows how to have fun.
All grandpas are special to many other people.
But no other grandpa is just like mine.
Grandpas are unique in many different ways.
No two grandpas are alike
my grandpa might not be like he is now.
But even if that happened I know one thing that's true.
My grandpa will always be a special person to me
- Jessica Shaw

Dedication To Grandpa

I remember how he used to twiddle his thumbs,
I remember how he used to sit in his chair.
I remember how he breathed real loud,
I remember all the times we shared.

I remember the old brown car he owned,
I remember how he always played the .
I remember all the collection of stamps,
I remember his house in Florida on Poppy.

I remember fishing with cane poles in his pond,
I remember feeding the rabbits and picking the eggs.
I remember eating everything on my plate,
I remember how he used to tell me there's no meat on my legs.

I remember the smiles and the laughter on his face,
I remember good times and bad.
I remember talking to him the very last time,
I will always remember him saying "I love you too" which made me glad.
- Tammy L. Chasteen

A Poem For Granddad

One more Christmas you are not here
I love and miss you and I hope that it's clear

Watch over us from the heavens above
We will send our kisses and rap them in love

Your warm tender hugs is one thing I greatly miss
I just want to feel you breath, I want to feel your kiss

I love you with every bit of my heart
I can't believe you left us, from us you part

As much as I feel so much sorrow
A fragment of my heart and soul will always follow

I look at a picture of you and feel so sad
I know I shouldn't but I feel really bad

And it's all because I never said goodbye
But now I know you are with the angels up so high

Undoubtedly I think of you every single day
I dream of just seeing you I wish you never went away

I wish I could hear you just speak my name
Without you on this earth things will never be the same

- Micaila