Bring out the poet within you and express your love for your father through poetry.

Father's Day Poems

Fathers are the guiding light in our lives. Their re-assuring presence helps us overcome many obstacles. We can never repay their debt. But we can make them aware of our feelings - what they mean to us. For this, the best way to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation towards them is by celebrating Father's Day, a wonderful occasion dedicated to fatherhood. Introduced in America, it is observed on the third Sunday of June in US and some other parts of the world. However, there are different dates assigned for celebrating Father's Day in various other countries. For all the love and care that fathers bestow upon us, this day gives us one opportunity to make them feel privileged and wanted.

Poetry is a simple and beautiful medium to express one's feelings. What words cannot convey poetry does in the most refined and easiest way. On Father's Day, dedicate a poem to your dad and make him feel special. Apart from the surprises and celebrations that you have planned fro your dad, let him know his value in your life with the recitation of some touching and thoughtful poems, meant especially for fathers. We have selected some heart-rending poems in the honor of all the fathers of the world. Go through the following section to find various poems for fathers. Pick one that effectively and perfectly conveys your feelings and emotions for your dad.

Fathers Are Wonderful People
Father's Day is an auspicious occasion celebrated across the world with immense splendor and grandeur. Usually commemorated on the third Sunday of June, it honors all the fathers of the world, thereby celebrating fatherhood. Next to mothers, fathers are the most important people in any child's life. Hence, this occasion gives us a chance to express and convey our heartiest wishes

Remembering You Dad
By honoring the second most wonderful relationship on this earth, Father's Day is a delightful occasion celebrated with much pomp and galore. Second to Mother's Day, Father's Day is dedicated to fatherhood and pays a tribute to the relationship of a father and his child. Besides mothers who give their undying love and care to their kids, fathers too bestow their unconditional affection,

What Is A Dad?
Very rarely do we get an opportunity to thank our near and dear ones. Just like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Friendship Day, Children's Day, and Teacher's Day, there is yet another great occasion that honors fathers. Father's Day, as it is known, is celebrated to pay a tribute to all the fathers of the world. In short, it is dedicated to fatherhood, the second most wonderful relationship after motherhood.

Father's Day Card Poems
On Father's Day, everyone is busy in the task of making it a memorable day for the lovely fathers of this world. Just a few days before the celebration, the market gets flooded with plethora of gift items. It becomes a brainstorming task to select the best gift item for ones dad. Although numerous ways of expressing ones feelings are invented, nothing can outshine the charm of giving a card.

Christian Father's Day Poems
owadays there are different dates in a year when one can convey their heartfelt feeling to their loved ones. A day dedicated to the special persons in our life. One of such an occasion is Father's Day, when we are given an opportunity to exhibit our love to our loving dad. He holds an important position in our life and deserves to be treated specially,

Cute Father's Day Poems
Father occupies a special position in our life. Throughout his life, he showers upon us all his love and affection. He sacrifices his entire life in rearing up his children and tries to provide them with the best of everything. All his joys and sorrows are associated with their child and in return expecting nothing. Thus, the greatness of a father cannot be explained in mere words.

Daughter to Father Poems
There is a unique bond of love, faith and understanding between a father and a child. For fathers all his children are equal, be it a son or a daughter. However, most of the time it been found that a father and daughter shares a special bonding. Daughters are always believed to be dads favorite. Fathers play an essential role in their daughter's lives. Many things are learned and many things are taught.

Funny Father's Day Poems
Once a man becomes a father, he is loaded with responsibilities for the entire life. He is the person who at any cost tries to fulfill all the desires of his child. In the process of doing it, he often forgets about his own dreams and priorities in life. Therefore, on Father's Day make him forget all the stress and worries of life, by reading out a few verses packed with hilarity.

Poems for Grandfather
Father's Day, in a broader concept, means acknowledging all the fatherly figures. On Father's Day, one must make sure whoever a father is in your surrounding, should be treated with utmost respect and admiration. In that case, ones grandfather is among those people. One should not forget the fact that after our parents, it is our grandparents who showers us with unconditional love.

Inspirational Father's Day Poems
A father is our mentor, friend and a great source of inspiration. One single person and so many roles to play make him tiresome. It happens that discharging all his duties, he tends to be tired at times. In that moment of his crisis, we must understand him. One can give him a healing touch with some inspirational poems dedicated to him. An inspirational poem is an effective way

Father's Day Poems for Kids
Kids are very enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating Father's Day. For a kid, his dad is the superhero who can do anything and everything for them. He looks forward to him as his guiding star who, is always there to show him the right path in life. Nowadays even kids are aware of the fact that how much they rely on their dad right from the minor to the major requirements.

Father's Day Poems For Husband
Parenting becomes a sweet responsibility, only when it shared equally by both husband and wife. In a family, both father and mother equally play an important in bringing up a child. For a single parent it is tough to bring up the child. Although a mother is said to play the crucial role in the life of a child, the importance of father can nevertheless be demeaned. On Father's Day,

Poems from Son
Father and son share a unique chemistry between them. Maybe it is because the son will carry on his father's name or because he has someone, with whom he can share his hobbies. There are many shades of their relationship. Whatever the reason is, a special bond is there. However, if father son relationship is not nourished it will weaken and eventually disappear, especially during those teen years.

Short Father's Day Poems
Since ages, numerous poems on various subjects have been written by several poets and writers. Poems are abundant and they are found to encompass all the shades of human life. They are of the most trusted means of communicating one's true feelings.

Stepfather Poems
Being a father is a challenging task, but being a stepfather is even more difficult. He has to make many sacrifices and accept someone else's child as his own. This takes immense patience, love, understanding, and just a lot of ability in getting along the child. It is definitely not an easy task. As such, stepfathers deserve a special treatment for the compromises that they do.