In this emotional Father's Day poem, the anonymous author remembers his/her father, who is no more.

Remembering You Dad

By honoring the second most wonderful relationship on this earth, Father's Day is a delightful occasion celebrated with much pomp and galore. Second to Mother's Day, Father's Day is dedicated to fatherhood and pays a tribute to the relationship of a father and his child. Besides mothers who give their undying love and care to their kids, fathers too bestow their unconditional affection, though through satisfying their kids' emotional and monetary requirements. As such, they play a significant role in every child's life without whom life seems incomplete. So, whether you want to thank your dad or are missing him on this Father's Day, the following list of poems would be the best options for conveying your gratitude. Read on find some touching and emotional poems on Father's Day.

Remembering You This Father's Day

There you are standing as tall as an oak tree when I am small
You stand over me guarding my actions and catch me when I fall.
When I reach the teens you are there giving me your knowledge and witt

and although the times get tougher as i grow you never ever quit.
as I reach adulthood I start to do things on my own
wondering how you did it from the time I was born until I was grown.
Then I remember all you have done for me throughout the years
Remembering you were there for me through the happy times and the tears.
I am happy you are my Dad
It makes my heart feel merry and glad.
no other person could ever take your place
And i realize this as i look into your face.
This Fathers Day I want to honor you
For all the wonderful things that you do.
- Anonymous

Remembering You Dad

I miss you, oh so much, I long
to feel, you're gentle touch! To
hear your voice, just once more,
is what, I'm really longing for! It's
been so very long, that you've
been gone, but this feeling, still
lingers on! Whenever I look at
your picture, I pick it up and hold
it tight. I gaze at you, with loving
eyes, be it day, or night! What a
handsome man you were,
everyone, has said so. I keep the
same picture, in my wallet and
show you off, wherever I go! The
minute they look at your picture,
then look at me, they'll remark
how much we look alike, for it's
very plain to see! I'm proud, to
say the least and honored too.
That I was very lucky, to resemble,
- Audrey Heller

Remembering Dad

Remembering you dad is not always easy
Every thought comes off so cheesy
Reminiscing of days that seem so far away
Wishing it could always stay
Remembrances of time gone by
Of you just makes me cry
Long days you worked to make us money
To give to us and to your honey
On the power lines you would climb
Taking so much of your time
I remember seeing you there
Wishing your life the lines would spare
You were always my superman
Doing things that no man can
You always were free of fear
When you were there in the atmosphere
You could do anything and make it look like nothing at all
You were always there to catch my fall
Remembering how you felt so strong
Mad me fearful to do anything wrong
I would never cheat or steal or lie
Breaking your heart would make me die
So here's to you dad on your day
From your daughter who wants to say
Thank you for the lessons I have learned so much from
The struggles are fewer for me than some
Because of your love and adoration
You can be proud without hesitation
- Anonymous