Food is an essential ingredient of all celebrations. We have provided some simple recipes to make your father's day memorable.

Father's Day Recipes

Fathers are our mentor, guide, friend, and, above all, our hero. We always look upon our father ever since we are born. They have been our continuous support, who fulfills each and every need and want of ours without any complaints. On the wonderful occasion of Father's Day, it becomes our duty to express our genuine feelings and thoughts for our father. Celebrated across the world with immense splendor and grandeur, it falls on the third Sunday in the month of June in most nations, though some countries have their own individual dates for observing the occasion. Whatever be the date, this occasion brings together kids and fathers. Not just at home, the festivities can be seen on streets and markets also. Decorated and festooned with assorted gifts and accessories, the entire place transforms into a gala mood.

Children do not leave any stone unturned to honor and respect their dad. As such, they look for the best and unique gift for them. Flowers, greetings, apparels, accessories, and jewelry are some popular gifts sold on this day. But, there are kids who wish to celebrate this day in their own distinctive manner by staying back at home and cooking mouth-watering delicacies. Fathers always crave for delicious foods and this day is the perfect reason to treat him like a king. With so many recipes available in books and on the internet, picking up the best becomes a little confusing. Nevertheless, this section eases your task as it presents you some of the most preferred dishes to prepare on this day and delight your father. Take a look and make your pick!

Father's Day infuses an essence of merriment and enjoyment in the air. After all, it is that occasion that celebrates fatherhood - the wonderful relationship between a child and his father. While fathers have always stood by us and showered upon us their love and care, this occasion gives us a chance to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation towards them.

Next to mothers, they are fathers who hold the most important place in our lives. They may not be as essential as mothers, but they are definitely not any less significant than them. While mothers bring us into the world and bring us up, fathers offer unlimited support and facilities for the best upbringing and education. They guide us, teach us, and mentor us to bring out the best within us.

Father's Day Breakfast Recipes
On Father's Day, do you want to give a special treatment to your Dad? What could be a better than letting him start off the day with a delicious and appetizing breakfast, made exclusively by you? Father's Day provides kids with an opportunity to make their dad feel great and wanted. So, make the most of it on this delightful occasion. Get up early in the morning,

Father's Day Brunch Recipes
Father's Day is the time to celebrate fatherhood and show your affection and gratitude towards your beloved dad. He is the person to whom your life is indebted to, to a great extent, for the selfless service he has been rendering you ever since you came to this world. There is no doubt that, with Father's Day approaching nearer, you must have planned some great evening surprises for him.

Father's Day Dessert Recipes
Sweet is the 'nature' of the relationship between a child and his father. You can add more sweetness to this relationship by making some lip-smacking desserts for your beloved dad, on the auspicious occasion of Father's Day. Desserts perfectly complement the mood of any celebration and Father's Day is no exception. On Father's Day, when you have prepared a hearty meal for your dad,

Father's Day Lunch Recipes
On Father's Day, every child is engaged in the task of creating wonderful memories for his dad. Dad is our friend, mentor, and hero. He is someone who is always there for us, when we need him. Other than these, there are countless other reasons for which a dad deserves special treatment on Father's Day. You can give a special touch to your Father's Day celebrations by preparing a gastronomical delight for the lunch.

Father's Day Cake
Father's Day is the perfect day to convey your heartfelt thoughts and feelings for your lovely dad. It is that time of the year when you get an opportunity to let him know how much you appreciate and respect him. It was he who took your finger and helped you take your first step. Right from your birth to your present, your father has made numerous sacrifices and undergone several hurdles to bring out the best in you,

Cookies Recipes
Father's Day is celebrated by US on the third Sunday in the month of June every year with immense zeal and enthusiasm. However, different nations commemorate this occasion on different dates round the year. It is that special day when every child makes all efforts to convey his care and affection for his father. For all the love, care, support, and guide that fathers provide to their kids,

Father's Day Dinner Recipes
One of the most special and revered people our lives include fathers. They play several roles in our lives, right from a friend to guide to mentor to role model. They love and care for us unconditionally without any thing in return. Such is the value of a father that the festival calendar has included a day dedicated to fathers. Father's Day is celebrated across the world with much pomp and galore on the third Sunday of June by US and some other countries,