Jokes are a great way to escape from the tensions of life. This Father's Day, bring a smile across the face of your dad with some funny jokes.

Father's Day Jokes

Today, life has adopted a different outlook and we are busy spinning our own wheels. In this fast moving world, we don't have even a couple of minutes to share a joke with our loved ones, despite knowing the fact that it can bring a smile on their faces. Fathers are significant super heroes but we often neglect their forfeits and efforts in sculpturing our lives. Thus Father's Day brings a glorious time to reveal your utmost loving feelings towards your dad and convey him your innermost feelings. This year, on Father's Day, don't miss the opportunity of witnessing that extra curve on your Father's face with a joke. The element of fun and humor present in a joke can provide him with some relief off the daily demands. Jokes ease away the strains of the hectic life. Therefore, make it a point, to incorporate some witty jokes to your Father's Day celebration.

A father, in the process of providing his child with all the pleasures of life, forgets about himself. Too engrossed in his responsibilities, the life of the head of the family is often devoid of humor. Ask yourself, how many times you have witnessed your father laughing his heart out? Surely there will be none or very few. So, it becomes your duty to make this day merry and colorful. Also, adding a hilarious touch to this fiesta offers a good opportunity to make long-lasting memories. Apart from the beautiful gifts and delicious meals you offer your father on this day, cracking a humorous joke will add on to the frolic. You can recite some funny jokes about fatherhood. On Father's Day, create a different environment for your dad that is full of fun and laughter.

Amazingly, it is believed that a few lighter moments spend with our dear ones can make life worth living. So, why not try it? Jokes will be very helpful in creating a relaxed atmosphere for your dad. When you share these sweet Father's Day jokes, all you would eventually hear are the sounds of people laughing garishly. Surely, sharing jokes stand above all the activities you perform on this day, as it serves a divine pleasure to your daddy. Just make sure that the joke you select is humorous and does not rub your dad at the wrong end. In this section, we have provided some hilarious jokes that would wear off the worries and tensions of life and make your dad burst into laughter. Be ready to encounter a wide smile on your daddy's face.

Christian Father's Day Jokes
Fathers have a multifaceted personality. At times, they are our friend, while at other times; they act as a strict taskmaster, correcting us whenever we go wrong. However, the undeniable fact is that they love us immensely and unconditionally. Sadly, even after knowing this truth, we rarely express out our adoration towards our dads freely.

Funny Father's Day Jokes
Being a father is not an easy task. A person has to go through many hardships to fulfill this responsibility. The moment a man becomes a dad, he accepts a lifetime of responsibility. He bestows his children with unconditional love and care, without asking for anything in return. He tries his best to make his children's life not less than perfect. Fathers work day

Short Father's Day Jokes
Father-child relationship is the sweetest of all and involves a variety of emotions. Since childhood, we head towards our fathers to fulfill our endless desires. At times of sadness, we long for the warm hug of our dads. They become our best companion, jumping sky high at our achievements, they are the one who give us the best advice and never