Here are some ideas about the top selling book on Easter called 'The story of Easter' by Christopher Doyle.

The Story Of Easter

Although Easter is observed everywhere, most people, especially the kids are clueless why the celebration takes place and the importance attached to it. To get a sneak peek into the life of Jesus, especially his last few days, crucifixion and resurrection, flipping through the pages of the popular book called 'The Story of Easter' is indeed the best option. Not only does this book help you get up and close to the events that instigated the crucifixion, but also brings to light the importance of Easter Day celebration. Written by Christopher Doyle and illustrated by John Haysom, the tale also explains about Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter. The dramatic narration and paintings depicted in the narrative takes back the readers to the events that occurred about 2000 years ago. Just like the book itself, the cover page is visually appealing and carries a stirring image of Jesus. The language is free flowing and easily comprehensible. This book is not just a wonderful present to gift your child, but also one of the best ways to make him/ her more familiar about Christianity and its philosophies. 'The Story of Easter' is an ideal gift item that can be presented to kids between 8 to 12 years of age.

This Easter storybook deals with the sacrificial crucifixion and heroic resurrection of Christ, cited with beautiful illustrations and touching texts. Inspired from the Gospels, 'The Story of Easter' recounts the teachings and trials of Jesus Christ and the humiliation meted out to him during his last few days on earth. The main plot of the story, however, revolves around Christ's resurrection. The simple, lucid narration and the chronological arrangements of the events help the readers to gauge the significance of the events and understand the importance of resurrection of Christ. Christopher Doyle intertwines the stories of Christmas, Easter Day and Good Friday to bring to light the importance of life, death and glorious resurrection of Christ. The story unfolds with the disciples holding palm leaves and anxiously waiting for the arrival of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and ends with the episode of Christ's resurrection.

Doyle deftly weaves the drama and the way he puts across the nuances of this biblical plot is truly incredible. The way he elucidates Thomas' skepticism against resurrection and Jesus' magical powers is impressive and lends the book its own unique charm. In fact, the entire story coupled with the absorbing illustration only helps to fortify one's belief in God and brace one's faith in Christianity. Added to it is John Haysom's soft yet spectacular watercolor illustration that gives life to the dramatic narration. The Story of Easter is one of the most popular Easter storybooks that have won accolades from all corners. It not only acquaints the young children to the significance of Easter celebration, but also advocates the principles of Christianity. So if you are thinking what to gift your child this Easter Day, go and get a copy of 'The Story of Easter' and let your children learn all about the religion and its import in a unique way.