Here are the lyrics of a famous Easter poem called 'An Easter Blessing' by J S Bach.

An Easter Blessing

Easter is indeed one of the major religious observances of the Christians that is celebrated with great joy and fervor all across the world. Solemnized with the intent to honor the resurrection of Christ from the dead three days after his crucifixion, Easter has come to be deemed as one of the sanctimonious celebrations among the Christians. The religious import and the hype created around Easter have inspired many poets to honor this event with beautiful poems. There is a slew of religious, rhetoric, motivational and fun Easter poems dedicated to this day that truly brings out the essence of this Christian celebration. We have several Easter poems written by noted writers on Easter. An Easter Blessing is one such work of literature penned by J S Bach. This poem oozes with Easter significance. In this poem, the poet tells us how we should rise above ourselves on this day and thank the Lord for being so kind and gracious. This Easter poem that is loaded with biblical inferences is ranked high among the renowned Easter poems. Follow the lyrics of An Easter Blessing and douse yourself on Easter spirit .

An Easter Blessing

Bless this day the joy of life,
The revelation of the flesh,
The paradise of man and wife
Joined to share the gift of bliss.
Bless this day the pain of life,
The passion that redeems the flesh,
The love between a man and wife
Beyond all agony and bliss.

Bless this day the end of life,
The peace within the dying flesh,
The bond between a man and wife
That long outlasts their bit of bliss.

Bless this day the whole of life,
The grace of being more than flesh,
The voyage of a man and wife
Across the mystery of bliss.

This Easter poem beautifully puts across the true import of this Christian festivity and brings to the fore the real essence of the celebration. The beautiful lines of J S Bach bring to the surface the real implication of Easter and its sanctimonious importance. Reading these poetic lines is nothing less than a spiritual awakening. This poem reverberates with religious undertones and makes for a great read any day, especially on an occasion like Easter.