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Mothers Are Like That

"A mother is a person who after seeing there are only four pieces of a pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." This quote on mothers by Tenneva Jordan scales out the true picture of a mother. A mother is loving, caring, securing, sacrificing and protecting when it comes to bringing up her child under different circumstances. There are many books written by famous authors singing the greatness of mothers. There is a comprehensive reservoir of famous books on mothers. Out of these fabulous choices and options, is a book titled "mothers are like that", superbly written by Carol Carrick. The book is fabulously written with the help of illustrations portraying different mothers and the way they care for their children. The book highlights the beautiful relationship of a baby and its mother. It is written with an intention of bringing forth one single fact that "mothers are like that".

This book by Carol Carrick praises mothers and extols them. The book appreciates the love and care of a mother by citing examples from a chicken guarding an egg-filled nest to a woman tucking her baby into the bed at night. The book emphasizes on the fact that, all mothers are the same. All mothers protect their children from worldly dangers and stand by their side making them feel that they are not alone in this big bad planet that we call Earth. The specialty of the book lies in its beautiful artistic designing. The book makes perfect reading for kids who are in the age group of 3 to 6.

Not only the splendid rainbow colour drawings but also the tender text makes the book a work worth appreciation. Phrases such as; Mothers keep her babies clean, and close, and safe from harm, she can find them in crowd, make the readers believe that "Mothers are like that". The last page or spread in the book portrays a human mother tucking her baby into a crib and giving her a good night kiss. This spread will help you experience the tenderness of the relationship between a mother and a child. The soft, realistic acrylic paintings of animals like sheep, cow, horses, ducks, racoons, dogs and others will make youngsters enjoy the book. The artist's soft colours and gentle shadows, coupled with the caring and affection evident in the postures and actions of the mothers, make this a reassuring bedtime book.