Raja Weksler was a woman of substance. To know more about her, explore this piece of writing.

Raja Weksler

Can you ever imagine your mother limiting the special love and sacrifice she shows to you to just one day in a year? No way! For moms to think of us, look after us, support us and protect us begins before we are even aware of our existence. Moms are those wondrous creatures whose chief concern is always our comfort and safety. They will go to any lengths to do that, though it may cost them an arm and a leg - literally as well as figuratively. There is nothing great and difficult in becoming a mother. What really matters is how great one can be as a mother and live up to what it really means. It is always assumed that qualities such as selflessness, love, tenderness, courage, steely persistence and conviction describe a mother. But what happens when the situation just spirals out of control and flies in the teeth of everything you had pinned your hopes on? Well, it is easy to back out; however, mothers usually never give up.

Mothers deserve to honored every day, especially when they are as extraordinary as Schoschana Rabinovici's, better known as Susie. The heroism and ingenuity her mother Raja Weksler demonstrated in maddening circumstances is supremely laudable. Wondering what really makes her so special? Read on.

Raja Weksler was a woman of substance, a symbol of courage and a perfect example of motherhood. This bravo mother of an eleven-year-old girl named Susie, truly proved to be a guardian angel for her daughter. The life of Raja Weksler was a tough one, in which she had to face many hurdles of life. She, however, didn't give up and fought till the very end.

The story of Raja Weksler revolves around the times of Nazism cruelty, when the prisoners in the Nazi camps were tortured and deprived of the basic needs of food and clothing. It was during this holocaust, when Raja came forward protecting not just her child, but many other people too. She along with her daughter went about giving food and distributing clothes to people, so that they could cover their almost bare bodies.

Seeing that Raja and her daughter were extending help to people, they were sent to the concentration camp, where they were ill treated. They were starved, beaten and made to do hard work. They were made to stand in the freezing cold and suffer for long hours, but they survived all cruelties. The credit for the daughter's well being truly goes to her mother, who miraculously protected her child from all the dangers till the war ended in 1945. Had her mother not been there to take care of her, Susie would have died long ago.