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Tugboat Annie

Technology in the modern age has opened a floodgate of new opportunities and possibilities that conveniently gives a false feeling of things being easily attainable and replaceable. It is sad to note that the youth today applies the same thought to relationships with people as well that often ends up in making close relations a casualty. So hard-pressed do we remain for time that we hardly get time to ponder over relationships that in reality deem a great deal of reverence from us. Among our many close relationships, the one that we become the most presumptuous about is the one who cares the most for us though never makes a great show of it. She is your mother, whose pure and powerful love can never be matched by anything else as long as she is alive. Her only ambition is to give the best to her kids so that they grow up to be successful individuals. For all that she does, she does not expect in return. This should only make us feel more obliged towards her as there is a lot we owe to her for the many things she has done for us. Though we know that we cannot repay them entirely for the love and care she bestowed on us throughout, we can at least think of ways to convey our gratitude to her. The occasion of mother's day is a small but significant occasion where you can let her know how much you love her. If you want to celebrate this wonderful occasion in honor of the most important woman in your life, movies are a good option, especially if you are looking forward to spend some relaxed moments with her. If your mom likes classics, 'Tugboat Annie' is something your mother will enjoy watching with you.

In the list of Hollywood box office hit movies for mothers' day, the movie titled "Tugboat Annie", starring Marie Dressler and Wallace Beery is the most popular. It has been superbly directed by Mervyn LeRoy. The credit for writing the story goes to Norman Reilly Raine. In the movie, the main character of the tugboat captain called Annie Brennan is played by a fabulous actress named Marie Dressler. Actor Wallace Beery plays the role of her husband called Terry Brennan, who is portrayed as a lazy drunkard man. The story revolves around a bravo woman, who makes a constant effort to keep the family together.

Robert Young plays the character of their son Alec, who is very ambitious about his career and finally ends up becoming the captain of an ocean liner. It is shown how Annie burnt the midnight oil, so as to make the future of her child. Robert Young insists that his mother should get separated from her husband and join him on the ocean liner. But her mother doesn't leave her husband and refuses to come along. Terry in a drunken situation crashes the tugboat and destroys the whole business. Well, the storyline is not extraordinary, but what is appreciable in the movie is the performance of actress Marie Dressler.