Want to get to know a few New Year poems? If yes, explore this article for a few New Year poems.

New Year Poems

New Year is the time to share and spread happiness, joy and love and to witness and accept the revival of both the 'self' and our 'surroundings'. It is the time to celebrate and welcome the newness of life and the rebirth of self. People celebrate and welcome the New Year and bid adieu to the previous year in many unique ways. One such way to unfold the message of love, unity, brotherhood, friendship and harmony is by reciting New Year poems written by famous poets and writers. It is said that poetry gives expressions to the innermost thoughts and desires of the human mind. It is with the same intention that this article presents a collection of beautifully written and inspiring New Year poems. These poems have been recited on New Year's Eve year after year, inspiring and motivating people towards a new beginning based on truth and humanity.
  • 'The Passing of the Year' is a poem by Robert William Service who has beautifully penned the transition of the year i.e. the ending of the old one and beginning of the New Year, from the point of view of both optimists and pessimists.
  • 'New Year on Dartmoor' written by Sylvia Plath describes the excitement of a little child and sad realization of the truth by his or her mom that all the sparkle visible on New Year Day will eventually give way to challenges and hardships in the months to follow.
  • 'New Year's Morning' by Helen Hunt Jackson inspires us to treat every new day as New Year’s Day and be ready to make a fresh start.
  • 'New Year's Eve' is yet another poem by Robert William Service in which he uses a ragged old dying man as a metaphor for the old year which dies as the New Year steps in.
  • ‘My New Year's resolution’ by Robert Fisher is a beautiful poem that brings forth the resolutions of a young kid who tends to push his resolutions away to the next year.
  • ‘Ring Out, Wild Bells’ is a poem by Lord Tennyson. The poet through this poem spreads out the message of welcoming the New Year by ringing out or letting go of old memories and giving way to new thoughts by bridging all the differences between rich and poor, by shelling sadness and by adopting happiness.

Auld Lang Syne
'Auld Lang Syne' or 'Old Long Since' is a famous Scottish poem written by Robert Burns. This poem, written in 1788 is quite popular at New Year parties, especially after having been converted into a folk song.

New Year's Eve
'New Year's Eve' is a poem brilliantly written by Robert W. Service. Through the poem, Robert brings forth the tragic beauty of human life. Robert uses a very old man as a metaphor for the old year that fades away or dies as the New Year steps in.

New Year's Morning
The evening that is always remembered for its celebrations, for its glitz and glamour, for the party and the hours of enjoyment with family and friends, New Year's Eve is indeed celebrated in different ways all around the world.

New Year on Dartmoor
This poem by Sylvia Plath came as an inspiration to her as she was taking a walk with her small daughter in Dartmoor, some time in late December 1961. This poem came as a breakthrough

The Passing of the Year
Another brilliant piece of writing penned down by Robert W. Service, the 'The Passing of the Year' is a perfect poem to be recited on New Year's Eve. The poem is the reflection of the thoughts of both an optimist and a pessimist over the transition of the year from old to new.