It's interesting to learn about the affair of famous lovers. Read about famous love stories.

Famous Lovers

History has not only acquainted us with famous lovers, but it also given us abundant examples of lovers who have given their lives in the name of love. We primarily owe this immortalization of love to literature! Most of the characters in these love stories symbolizes eternity, indissoluble promises and painful sacrifices. Tales of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, Odysseus and Penelope, Antony and Cleopatra and Romeo and Juliet are not just fictitious stories, but are the life and account of people whose love and devotion forced the world to acknowledge the power of love. Passion, joy, anguish and tragedy are some of the other emotions that these tales represent whether it is Romeo and Juliet in Italy, Layla and Majnu in Persia, Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai in China or Heer and Ranjha in India. Take a look at the section below to know more about the love stories of some of these famous lovers.

Romeo - Juliet
Romeo and Juliet is a story of two passionate lovebirds that belonged to two rival groups namely Capulets and the Montagues respectively. These two lovers tied their wedding knot with the help of Romeo's friend, Friar Lawrence. Juliet's father, who was unaware of his daughter's secret marriage decided to marry her off elsewhere. However, Friar Lawrence had a better plan. He advised Juliet to drink a particular portion that would send her into deep sleep immediately after the vows. This was done so that people would think that she had died and would be buried. Romeo would come and rescue her eventually. Juliet agreed to this plan and did what was told, but before the Friar told Romeo of the plan. As soon as Romeo got the news regarding his sweetheart's death, he reached the graveyard and killed himself. When Juliet really awoke, she discovered what had happened. The story ends with Juliet committing suicide over her lover's death.

Laila - Majnu
This is a famous love story between a rich girl, Laila and a poor young lad called Majnu. Laila'' parents disagreed to their daughter's marriage with this poor guy and married her off into an equally affluent family. Laila could not bear the thought of this separation from her lover, so she committed suicide. Hearing this news, Majnu went to the graveyard where his sweetheart was buried and killed himself.

Heer - Ranjha
Heer was a pretty lady who was born with a silver spoon. In contrast, Ranjha was a poor guy who was a wanderer, following a fight with his family. While roaming the streets, he reached Heer's village where Ranjha got the job of rearing cattle. Now, Ranjha was excellent in playing flute and this is what mesmerized Heer about him. She gave her heart to him and so did he. Both of them began meeting secretly. Then came the big twist, which separated the two lovers. They were caught by Heer's jealous uncle, Kaido and Heer's parents. Her folks decided to marry her off to a boy called Saida Khera before which her uncle poisoned her. She died a painful death. On getting this bad news, her lover came running only to see the girl he loved, lying dead on the floor. He also committed suicide.

The famous lovers went to become the icons of love for young lovebirds who idolized these lovers for their eternal love for each other, which even death couldn't kill.