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Valentine's Symbols

Buy it or leave it, when it comes to wooing a woman, you have to play your cards really well! And, when it comes to pleasing her on days as important as Valentine's, the stakes are even higher. If you truly wish to stake a claim on her heart, you have to think beyond romantic rendezvous or soppy movies. Contrary to what most of us think, women aren't too hard to please, especially when it comes to the matters of heart. You don't really need to break the bank to buy her overpriced stuff when something simple as V-day symbol is all it takes to melt her heart into mush. Sounds like a far-fetched idea! Well, this Valentine's Day, try gifting your love a sterling silver heart, a big bouquet of red roses (probably cut-and-shaped as heart), miniature cupid showpieces or a love knot and watch her expression as her face breaks into a big grin. Valentine's Day symbol, no matter how much trite they sound or seem to be, are the perfect symbolic expression of love that conveys oodles about this day and your love. Just in case you have not yet made up your mind on what to gift your sweetie this V-day, then trailing down the list of Valentine's Symbols might get that 'flash bulb of idea' glowing!

Red Rose
The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk of love or Valentine's Day is bright red roses. Nothing expresses love better than a rose which is the universal symbol for passion, desire, romance, and most importantly, true love. During the Victorian times, all courtship began with the presentation of red rose bouquets, called as '"tussie-mussies". Since then, red roses have come to be the token of love and till date remains the numero-uno gift choice for the love-struck.

'"A hundred hearts would be too few, to carry all my love for you". This one line sums it up all. Heart, the ultimate icon of love, life, passion, emotion, and human heart, is an inherent symbol of Valentine's Day. It is said that giving your heart to someone means surrendering your entire self to that person. On V-day, lover's gift each other heart shaped flower bouquets, pillows and cards to express their heartfelt love and affection for their partners.

Love Birds
Often used to refer to over affectionate couples who never seem to get enough of each other, lovebirds definitely means more than just two people hopelessly in love. Love birds, a brilliantly plumed species of parrots found in Africa is indeed one of the important symbols of Valentine's Day. It is said that during the time of Valentine's Day, these little birdies pick their mates and their association often lasts for a lifetime.

Laces, frills, ribbon and scarves are also symbols of romance. It is believed that during the early times, before a knight left for the battlefield, he would present a piece of lace to his beloved as a token of his love and remembrance. It's also said that in the early times, a woman hinted a man of her feelings by dropping a lace handkerchief. If the man picked up the handkerchief, the feelings were thought to be mutual.

Love Knots
Another symbol of eternal love, love knots are replete with romantic connotations. While some believe that the entwined knots symbolize eternal love, for romantics the intertwined love hearts mean two bodies, one heart.

No matter what you plan to buy your valentine on 14 February, gifting him/her a lovey-dovey Valentine's Day symbol would truly make for a wonderful keepsake.

Valentine's Cupids
Cupid, the Roman god of love, desire and affection is often personified as love and has come to acquire a humungous fan following among the love-struck. Yes, it's the same chubby, mischievous, nude, winged boy equipped with a bow

Valentine's Hearts
'"A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you." Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, showering gifts and showing your loved ones how much you care. Talking of V-day and gifts, we cannot really miss put

Love Birds
Love birds are the living testimony of the most wonderful emotion on earth - love. These little parrots always seen in pairs are the ideal symbol of love, ecstasy, long-term commitment, loyalty and care. Isn't it a pleasure to watch cute,

Valentine's Roses
Roses are best suited for all occasions and celebrations. The eternal bliss and soothing effect of this beautiful flower relates it to the mood of any situation. It enhances beauty, intensifies love and attracts even the most heartless of people.

Love Knots
Love knots, as the name suggests, is that special bond of love that binds lovers together, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and racial differences. The origin of this concept dates back to the ancient times, when open expression