Exchanging love knots is a part of Arabian tradition. Read about Arabic valentine symbol Celtic love knots.

Love Knots

Love knots, as the name suggests, is that special bond of love that binds lovers together, irrespective of caste, creed, religion and racial differences. The origin of this concept dates back to the ancient times, when open expression of love was considered as taboo and young lovers had to resort to furtive means to express their feelings. It is believed that the romantic symbol of love knot originated in ancient Arabia, where young Muslim women sent secret messages to their beaus rolled in love knots. Again, a few trace its origin back to the 18th century, when anglers used love knots as a keepsake of their beloveds. These love knots, which had multiple intertwined rings, stood for intensity and stability of one's true feelings for his/her soul mate and till date remains a symbol of infallible love. Although greeting cards, red roses and chocolates have come to replace the traditional gift today, love knot continues to be the classic symbol of eternal love. So, if you wish to express love to your sweetheart on this Valentine's Day, then why not say it with a love knot. Browse this write-up for more information on Celtic love knots.
  • Although love knots are the most popular traditional symbol of love, their origin can be traced back to Ireland. The three-cornered shape or ‘triquetra' that represents Holy Trinity, is inspired from Irish Catholic tradition. One can also trace its roots to the pagan Three Goddesses.
  • Although love knots have come to be the most popular symbol of love, in some cultures, the Celtic love knot is used to propose marriage. According to a tradition, guys deliver Celtic love knots at their beloved's doorstep and wait for their response. If the girl accepts the love knot, it means she is willing. However, if she doesn't, it means rejection.
  • During V-day, lovers express their extreme love by gifting each other love knots ornamented with gems and jewels, flowers, hearts and more. Although, Valentine's Day greeting cards have come to replace the traditional love knots, nevertheless, the sentiments attached to this antediluvian gift are still cherished by many. Hence, you will find many people exchanging love knots on this special day.
  • The love knot necklace is one of the priceless gifts you can gift to your beloved. Not only does this make for a symbolic V-day gift, but also comes with humungous romantic implications. While some symbolists deem the intricate knots as a symbolic entwinement of present life and life after death, a few others view it as a symbol of eternity. However, for the wild-eyed romantics, the love knot is more of entwined hearts. It's said that the more intricate the love knot is, the better is the attachment between the lovers.
Love knots are and will always be the most cherished symbol of love. This Valentine's Day, express your love with a love knot and see your love soar to great heights in the days to come.