Does the concept of love at first sight really exist? Read about the study of love in the first sight.

Love At First Sight

Remember the pretty dame in your neighborhood you simply could not take your eyes off from; the one who got your brain fuzzy, heart racing and guitars strumming in the background the moment you set your eyes on her. She looked so surreal, smelt so nice and looked so much like the girl of your dreams that it didn't take you another blink to lose your heart to her. Love at first sight might look like an uncanny coincidence, but to tell you the truth, it is more than just a sensory overload. While most people would sideline it as a mere rush of pheromones, or an airy idea, there are few dreamy dudes who wouldn't wink twice before jumping headlong into a relationship. But watch out, for all things that seem to be rosy in the beginning may turn out to be a real nightmare in the end. Remember, there is a thin line of difference in being attracted to someone and being head over heels in love. While it's easy to assume that you are in love after the first meeting, know that it might take you weeks or even months to figure out your feelings completely. Some people are quick to fall in love, and even quicker to fall out of it. So how do you know if love at first sight is for real? Check out the following write-up and quiz yourself and you would know, for sure, if cupid has really darted your heart.
  • If you think that love is purely psychological and always comes from the heart, then it's time for some reality bites. Unlike what most romantics would tell you, love isn't so much about heart as much as it is about the biochemical electricity or the physiological rush. The woozy rush of excitement that we experience when we are attracted to someone is often triggered by the brain chemical called phenylethylamine, or PEA that gets our heart racing, palms sweating and brain fuzzy.
  • Love at first sight may seem to be a far-fetched illusion, but it isn't a myth altogether. While it takes time to build a strong bond, it barely takes a blink to like a person. When you are truly, deeply, madly attracted to someone, it's hard to think of anything or anyone else. Despite of all your resistance, your entire thoughts start spinning around that one special person. This is what we call —love at first sight.
  • You know its love when you start yearning for the company of that person, when you want to learn everything about them, when you start noticing special things about that person. Love is more than skin-deep, and the same applies to love at first sight too. You don't always fall hook, line and sinker for someone who is beautiful. At times, you feel attracted to someone who is smarter, intelligent, innocent or simple. The simple theory behind this is your brain connection.
  • Think it's love at first sight? Blame it on your biology. It has been found that attraction always instigates physiological arousal that most often than not result in shallow breathing, dilated pupils, sweaty hands, and extremely euphoric feeling. So watch out for these signs and you would know if it is love at first sight.
Love at first sight may be a dreamy illusion for many. However, remember, it doesn't really take a lifetime to fall in love with someone. Sometimes a single special moment is all it takes to lose our heart to someone. Think about it!