Planning a romantic dinner is truly an art. Read about perfect Valentine's Day dinner.

Valentine's Dinner

Mush is never a passe, especially when it comes to kindling fun and excitement in a relationship on special occasions like Valentine's Day. However, if it is not your stuff, don't force it. You can always think of other ways, not to mention better ways, to floor your mate. This V-day, think beyond heart-shaped balloons, candies, chocolates, flowers, soft toys, blings and expensive dates and go an extra mile and surprise your beloved with something truly special and out of the blue. And yes, by 'special' we mean a little more than just an artsy date in a museum or taking your date out on your favorite waltz show. So how do you impress you're your guy/girl on V-day? Simple! Just grab your chef's hat, don an apron, get on with your culinary skills and surprise your mate with a dinner fare he/she would remember forever. You never know, you might just end up winning all the brownie points for being so lovey-dovey and thoughtful. Valentine's Day is a time when all one need is to be loved, pampered and lavished with attention. And what better way to do that than cook up a dinner fare that no one could resist. Forget the regular romantic dine-outs this V-day and stir up a euphoric moment for your beloved with a delicious, romantic meal. All you need to do is an extra bit of planning and cooking and voila, there you have a gift that would make for a lifetime keepsake. Check out these yummy recipes and surprise your lover with an extravagant home-cooked fare. And yes, don't forget to add a dash of originality and a few aphrodisiacs to his/her plate.
  • Lobster risotto, seared sea scallops, glazed pomegranate — the very name of these fancy-schmancy dishes may be good enough to whet up a great appetite, but cooking them to perfection might be a different story altogether. You surely wouldn't like to get stuck in the kitchen slogging extra-hard with pots, pans and multi-ingredient dishes while the evening just drifts off. The point is to keep the menu simple and cook up something nice and delectable.
  • Simple food however, doesn't mean you can't experiment. You never know, a little trial with flavors and ingredients can turn out to be a huge payoff. All you need is some imagination and a little sense of taste to whomp up a culinary delight that would just make him/her go “wow”.
  • Never dilly-dally your cooking until the last minute, lest you don't want to end up in the kitchen all evening. Prepare all the dips, dressings, sauces and other cold dishes a day in advance. The trick is to make as many things as possible prior to the celebrations.
  • If you are really looking forward to a great evening ahead, then it would be wise to keep your fare light yet delectable. Too much hogging can make you feel sluggish at the end of it all. Also, if you are really looking to treat your mate to yummy aphrodisiacs, just try adding a whole lot of flavors and textures to your meal, and voila, there you have an amazing evening ahead of you.
  • Lastly, don't forget to have a blast while you are at it! Cooking can be really cumbersome. After all the struggle with the pots and pans, you might just feel like getting out of the house. If candlelit dinner sounds too cheesy for you, you can do something different like an open terrace dinner, a picnic on your front yard or a cozy dinner for two on your porch. With so much thought and love thrown into your V-day dinner party, there is no stopping this V-day from turning out to be the most romantic day of your life.
Perfect Valentine's Day dinner is more than just food. Garnish your platter with loads of love, affection and some beautiful flowers and candles and you have a perfect setting for a romantic dinner at hand.