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Tips on home decoration from designers for new home.

Home Decoration Tips For Newly Weds

You wore your wedding dress, sighed a little nervously, a little excitedly, and said "I do!" You kissed your significant other to form an eternal bond of love. While trying to get over your marital bliss, you suddenly realized that you have a home to set up. If you chose white, he chose grey. If you thought something was pretty, he thought it was expensive. If you wanted to be elegant, he wanted to be practical. There you go, welcome to the world of marriages where everything is not as rosy as you thought it would be. The one thing that most newlyweds look forward to doing is setting up and decorating their new home. What they do not realize is that this can be the beginning of their marital woes. Men and women have very different ideas on how each room should be decorated. This can easily lead to arguments between the couple in question. Each individual has his/her own tastes. These tastes may not sit down well with another. Designers will tell you that women take over all the decision-making because they think that decorating the house is what they were born to do. Sometimes the partner whose house it is or who owns most of the furniture makes all the decisions. The best way out of indecisions can come from a compromise between husband and wife. If this is not possible, the house should be divided between the two for decorative purposes. Each partner can then independently design rooms that have been allotted to them. Here are a few tips from experienced designers for newlyweds who are looking forward to decorating their homes:
  • If each partner has a different sense of style, then each room can be styled differently. If you can afford to hire a designer, do so.
  • Put together a budget after carefully considering everything you need. Stick to your budget.
  • Do your homework on how each room should look. If you can collect pictures on how each room should look, that would be just great.
  • Work together as a unit and find a way of compromising.
  • Do not go blindly follow trends because they can change from year to year. Sometimes, your own personal sense of style is the best thing to stick to.
On a more personal note, here's how couples can strike a balance
  • You must respect not only each other, but also each other's things. Just because you hate your husband's flashy bike, doesn't mean it is a miserable machine.
  • If at all you hate anything, talk about it. You might even get to know something that you never knew before. Your partner might just be willing to modify his/her tastes and preferences to suit yours. Wonderful, don't you think?
  • A romantic bedroom is a must. Do not put up any pictures of your in-laws, friends and kids. Your bedroom belongs to the both of you, no one else. So, why not put up a picture of the two of you?
  • Why use single chairs and recliners in front of the television? Couches exist for a reason, place them in your living room and watch a movie or a 'soap' together.
  • Create an area of love for yourselves. Dedicate this place solely for your relationship. Put up objects that symbolize the beauty and strengths of your marital bonding. Photographs, valentine cards, gift wrappers and gifts in general will do just fine!
The key to harmoniously decorating a home lies in remembering that it is not about you or your better half, but the both of you, as a couple!