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Tips on housewarming gifts, good housewarming gifts and housewarming gift basket.

Housewarming Gifts

Setting up a new house or moving into a new one is a time to celebrate. As the proud owners decorate their house family and friends help them out by giving them various housewarming gifts. One often wonders what would be an appropriate housewarming gifts. Given below are a few tips on what to select for housewarming gifts:
  • Choose something simple and beautiful like an ornamental picture frame, a small crystal vase or a unique wall clock. These can be used in any house no matter what the Decor or theme of the room.
  • If your friend collects a particular thing - like glass vases, napkin rings, different types of lamps then, add to her collection by gifting something that she collects.
  • Gift something special you have made. Home made wine, a painted wall hanging, embroidered bed covers or an interesting flower arrangement.
  • Add to their crystal collection by gifting them a pair of delicate toasting flutes with a bottle of champagne.
  • If they are a newly wed couple find out, if there was something they wanted and did not get as a wedding gift and you could buy it for them.
  • Another good choice is colored glassware or something that can be added to a china collection, like two china dishes.
  • Gift a guest book to remember events and celebrations.
  • Make a special photo album of all the good times you spent together.
  • Gift a green plant in an ornate pot.
  • You can make a gift basket or a collection of things together for example gardening things like garden tools, gloves, seeds, pruners, and gardening magazines or a make a chocolate basket a box of exclusive candy, and a variety of chocolate candy, truffles, cookies, or freshly baked goods made of chocolate. Make sure the basket is something that your host loves and enjoys.
  • Choose one item like a vase, a bowl, a large serving tray, candleholders in simple shapes and colors.
What not to select as housewarming gifts:
  • Do not give plants to people who will not be interested in taking care of it. Gifting plants in extreme weather will cause them to wilt and die easily.
  • Do not gift pets unless you know for sure that they will like it as a gift. Pets need to be taken care of and everybody may not be able to do this.
  • While gifting food make sure you are giving the person what they love. Gift food to people you know very well.
  • While buying a gift keep your friend's tastes and preferences in mind and not yours. What you like she may not like.
  • Do not give a gift that you have received and do not like to someone else. If they do find out it will be very embarrassing for you.