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Suggestion for decorating a loft apartment for comfortable loft living.

Loft Decorating

About a decade or two ago, a house with an open space without separate rooms to address kitchen, living and dining mean would have made it seem like the owners were either misers or couldn't afford a better house. Today, if you own a similar house, well, you're the peppy owner of a classy and trendy "loft"! From artists and writers to cheap business holders, all have been known to have used make-shift homes for living and work purposes; but this was decades ago. Today, these "make-shift homes" are known as lofts and lofts are hip. When it comes to making a fashion statement or living in style, it hardly gets snazzier than a loft. Lofts provide you with affordable living spaces and classiness at the same time. It is best to divide a loft into a living area and a sleeping area. If your loft has two levels make the upper level your bedroom. The lower level can be made into a living space, which can be further divided into areas of entertainment, cooking and dining. If the loft has only one level, you can use a screen-slide door to divide it into a living room and a bedroom. Here are a few tips to furnish and decorate the various rooms in your loft.

Tips For Your Bedroom
  • Get a bed that has drawers. This will bless you with enough storage space.
  • Place a large wooden box at the end of the bed for storage.
  • If the floors of your loft are made of concrete, use a rug to keep your feet warm.
  • Invest in a table with wheels. This will help it serve different purposes.
  • Visitors are likely to walk into your bedroom, keep it as tidy as you possibly can. Use laundry baskets to store your dirty linen.
Tips For Your Bathroom
  • Use a colorful screen or sliding doors to isolate it from the rest of the house.
  • Arrange your furniture in a certain manner. Under no circumstance should your bathroom be visible from your bed
Tips For Your Kitchen
  • Kitchens should be well lit.
  • You should have a completely functional galley-style kitchen.
  • Use all the space you can find in the kitchen to store items. Metal racks and cupboards need to be put to good use. Doing this will ensure that the counter top is free for cooking and dining.
  • Buy quality utensils and appliances; these will last you a lifetime.
Tips For Your Living Room
  • For entertaining your guests, place a rug in the living area and place a few brightly colored cushions on it. Add a coffee table to make things look that much better.
  • A table with six chairs can be great for formal dinners.
  • Buy blind! This will bring in just the right amount of sunlight out and prevent too much of it from damaging your furniture.
  • Buy chairs that can be piled, one on top of the other. Chairs like these are easy to store and come handy when you throwing a party.
General Tips
  • While decorating the loft you can use raw industrial decor, with contemporary steel and metal furniture, cement flooring and unplastered walls.
  • You can even consider French decor, with French style furniture, rugs, bright colored cushions, huge paintings and sculptures.
  • The flooring can be wooden or laminated.
  • Use clean looking and soft colors for your walls.
  • Try living in a loft that is more of quality and less of quantity.
Remember, a loft is really just space. It's how you use this space that matters most.