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Read here to get tips on how to clean the painted walls and doors.

Cleaning Painted Walls

Your kid gets home after his evening game and he's still fiddling with his basketball. He taps it on the ground leaving spots of mud all over the floor and then, to your horror, on the wall! You scream and yell at him, and confine him to his bedroom, but you know it's no good for the wall anyway. Later in the evening, you are watching your favorite serial on the TV and you hear something flutter past you. To your disgust, you see it is a huge cockroach sitting on your beautiful wall. In the spur of the moment, you remove your slipper and whack it. The next moment, you are almost in tears looking at the plight of your wall. No matter how much you take care of your walls or say you've had them painted recently, they do get dirty and dusty very easily. Some people's houses gleam with great walls. But the rest of us just have clumsy families and it just shows on the walls. Relax, this does not mean the end of the world! Here are some tips to clean walls painted recently. This will help make your home look as good as new. Before you begin, ensure that have all the necessary things for the cleaning processes.

How To Clean Painted Walls
  • Wear protective eye gear, the same will serve as protection for your eyes when starting out on the entire wall cleaning process.
  • Cover the floor and immovable furniture in the room with old sheets and newspapers. This will ensure that they don't get dirty from all the cleaning, falling dust and dripping soap solutions.
  • If your walls have already been painted, all you have to do make them look clean is to get rid of the cobwebs first. Then, dust the walls well using a brush or a soft cloth rag.
  • If the paint is washable, then dip the sponge in a cleaning solution and squeeze it well. Using this sponge, clean the wall from top down to bottom. Then use a dry clean rag to dry-wipe the wall.
  • Clean shower walls by spraying phosphoric acid cleaners on them. Then wipe it off using a soft cloth rag or a sponge. This will remove all the dust and grime deposits on the walls. Then use a hand sprayer to spray on any citrus-based solution. This will remove the soap scrum from the wall. Now, wipe it off using a sponge.
  • Damp walls and moisture-ridden walls need more ventilation and air circulation. So keep windows open during summers. However, during the monsoon and winter, windows should remain closed, to prevent humidity from making walls damp.
  • If you have smooth walls, you could try using a 'Swiffer Sweeper'. The dry version is great for dust and the wet version is great for dirt. It not only saves you from climbing ladders but also helps you cut down on buckets of chemicals. However, make sure this is safe on colored walls. Do read the instructions before you buy the product.
  • Use a dry clean cloth rag to wipe off the dust from the doors first and then use a wet cloth for additional cleanliness. Apply one coat of oil wood to keep your doors in good condition.
Clumsiness is part and parcel of the everyday lives of many people. However, don't let it get to your walls. In case it does, you'll really know what to do and what not to.