Home Decor
Read about preparation tips for decorating homes, budget home decor and getting ready for interior decoration project.

Tips For Decorating Homes

Decorating your home is all about making your house as comfortable and attractive as you can. Decide on a specific theme for the decoration of your house. It could be warm and inviting, or sophisticated and elaborate, or it could be pleasant and friendly. Whatever be your choice of theme, you must try and picture it clearly in your head. Once you visualize it, sort out your priorities: Which area of the house are you going to spend most of your time in? Which are the areas that you don't use or don't like much? What objects are you going to use frequently in a particular area? What kind of effect do you want in a particular area of the house? Do you want it to be romantic or casual? Ask yourself such questions. You will also need to consider your lifestyle in your planning. Remember it is a place in which you will spend quite a few months or years, or probably even a lifetime. Home decor needs to be well-planned. The planning should include the budget available, priorities, floor plan, tools, equipments and supplies needed. Do remember the actual purpose of the project as well: expansion of family, changing styles and themes of your home, repainting it or equipping it for kids, elderly people and disabled people. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before you start working on the project:
  • Make a list of desired features and elements such as additional storage or change in furniture.
  • Mark out options on which you work on yourself. This will ensure that you do not need to spend money on them. This can include rearranging the furniture and artwork, and getting rid of clutter, etc. Think hard, there might just be more that you can do.
  • Use another color to mark out your Do-It-Yourself options.
  • The left-out items such as changing electrical and plumbing systems, major renovations, remodeling and installing high-tech intricate appliances may need professional help. This calls for more money. In case your pockets are not too deep, you can prioritize your needs and meet them one by one or step by step.  
  • Floor plans can be made by hand or by using software. If the blueprint of the house is available, you can have options made for structural, electrical and plumbing layouts and dimensions. Take into account measurements of walls, doors, windows, fireplace and other fixtures.
  • Here's an interesting furniture arrangement idea. With the fireplace as a focal point, place a pair of loveseats or a sofa, coffee table and two club chairs set in front of the fire, facing each other.
  • The sofa can be placed facing the fireplace, window or TV. The end tables and side tables can be kept according to the position of the sofa.
  • There should be enough space to reach the dresser or closet in the bedroom. Two feet would be ideal.
  • For quality decor within a small budget, it is best to do as much as you can on your own. This may include buying the material you need.
  • Hire a professional for electrical and plumbing work. This will ensure safety and a professional job.
  • Set aside some money for unexpected expenditures.
These tips are certainly not all-inclusive, but are good enough to give you a head start, and a head start is what you really need. So, plan your home decoration carefully and make it count.