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Read about holidaying at home tips, home decoration ideas for Christmas holidays and happy holiday tips for family, friends and kids.

Holidaying At Home

Here are some holiday survival tips, which can help you sail smoothly through the number of holidays coming up and keep you and your family happy together. Holidaying at home is not only pocket-friendly but also an ingenious way of spending quality time with your close friends and relatives and strengthen bonds with your spouse, parents and children. However, many-a-times, a simple slip-up can shatter your holiday mood altogether. Implement these ideas to spend your holidays in a more enjoyable manner:
  • Don't get overwhelmed by the idealized picture, whether it is about home Decor or gift-wraps. Only make small additions to your home and table or plan ahead so that you are not too tired during the holidays to play with children. Remember, human connection is more important than all that glitter and greens.
  • The day you buy the Christmas present, gift-wrap it and stick a gift tag to it with the name of the person it is meant for, complete with bows and ribbons. It will save you a pile of work later.
  • Send a return greeting card with two lines that come from your heart within twenty-four hours of receiving one. E-mails have lessened that work a lot but still the feel of paper greeting cards is still nostalgic.
  • Make sure that you reduce the chances of a getting a headache on the day of celebration by keeping noise to the minimum. So, turn off your TV, set your mobile in the 'silent' mode, set time of two hours for high-volume dance numbers and enjoy the peace.
  • Dim lights, flicker of beautifully decorated aromatic candles and Christmas carols promote the sense of heavenly peace too.
  • You may limit Christmas presents to some of the family members and get them what they want and gift the rest next year, so you don't get bankrupt. The important thing is to care and love them and not to load them with gifts.
  • Try not to be nasty to your in-laws or spouse's friends for it is only a matter of few hours and give them a warm welcome, especially to send the right kind of message to your children.
  • Environmental-friendly Decor means easier clean up too. You can plant a live tree in the garden and toss out all the boxes in the bin.
  • If you are feeling blue, just use the holidays to reflect and opt out of activities and events you don't want to indulge in. It is a time to catch up on your sanity and cool down your nerves too.