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Meditation room in home or a quiet corner as a personal space to meditate at home can be found even in a small apartment.

Meditation Room & Personal Space

You get back home from work late one night and throw yourself on the sofa in exhaustion. You switch on the television to see if something that can help soothe you is on. You press and press on the buttons of the remote, only to find noisy programs screeching way to glory. Just when you are about to give it up as a bad idea, you come across a channel that hosts spiritual programs and discover an amazing antidote to stress - yoga! You now want a space for meditation in your home. A separate meditation room may be a luxury for many but a quiet corner used as a personal space to meditate can be found even in a small apartment. You can actually create a switch to de-stress yourself with this strategy. Just walk over to your corner and you will be a lot more relaxed. However, this may take a little practice and patience. The place should be comfortable enough and serene to look at. This will encourage you to stick to your relaxing ritual at a particular time. Here are some tips for creating a meditation space in your home.

Meditation Room At Home
  • A quiet place with no distractions is all you need and preferably, it should be as empty as possible.
  • A comfortable room that can provide privacy and keep you away from tiresome activities will do just fine.
  • The kitchen and living room can be too distracting while a spare bedroom, a less-used balcony, a sunroom or even an attic can be just perfect.
  • Rooms with views of garden, lakes or oceans are just wonderful and serve the purpose of meditation best.
Personal Space To Meditate At Home
  • Preferences as far as the amount of light goes differ from person to person. Some people may find dark rooms more peaceful while others may find them too sleepy. Some others may prefer lots of natural light and fresh air to keep them alert or a plain room painted in muted colors and decorated with subdued elements.
  • Meditative space must be clutter free, so remember to do away with unwanted items.
  • Many people feel that aromatherapy candles, table top fountains, indoor plants, rhythmic music, natural sounds, chants and hymns, holy books and symbols and mementos and photos of near and dear ones can help them relax better.
  • For yoga, you may want wooden flooring, a specialized mat or a comfortable carpet or rug.
  • You will need a CD player or a stereo for good and relaxing music.
Quiet Corner In Small Apartment For Meditation
  • You may use sliding or folding screens to create a temporary corner for yourself.
  • For seating, you may choose a comfortable chair with a straight back, floor mat or bench according to your choice. If you think, you are uncomfortable without your cushions and pillows, count them in too.
  • Remember, a window is a good thing. However, it is not a must.
  • Don't keep your mobile phone nearby. This is something that simply cannot be allowed.
For those who of you who do not have the time to hit a meditation center, meditating at home can become a boon. If you are such a person, then, go ahead and make yourself a small personal meditation space in your own home sweet home.