Home Decor
Floor Safety is a matter of vital importance. Read to know about the various products for floor safety and safe floors.

Safe Floors

Modern home decor is not only about the colour you paint your wall, the kind of furniture you display or the type of faucets you install. Flooring has become an integral and important aspect of home decor, with people looking for elegant and more beautiful flooring options. Wood, tiles, vinyl, marbles, mosaic, etc., there are many such options to select from when looking for suitable flooring for your house. We think that our work ends once we select ideal flooring for the house and get it installed. What we tend to forget is that the maintenance of the floor to keep it clean and safe is as important as the looks. Safety and maintenance goes hand in hand. Therefore, in order to ensure safety, you need to have a proper maintenance plan for your flooring. There are different methods that can be used in order to clean different types of floors. These methods are tested and are guaranteed to provide you with a clean and safe floor to walk on.

No Buff Method
This method is suitable for small floors or when it becomes difficult to use gadgets to clean the floor. This method is suitable for latest floors. Speed stripper, blue concentrate, etc. are some of the safety products required for this method of cleaning. This method of cleaning a floor is all about low maintenance and less efforts.

Weekly Burnish Method
This method of cleaning a floor falls amongst high-maintenance cleaning methods. This method requires the usual cleaning and dusting along with weekly burnishing. However, in order to burnish your flooring the right finishing is essential.

Daily Burnishing Method
Daily burnishing will provide your floor with a shining and fantastic layer of gloss. You will require cleaners, restorers, strippers and finishing products to follow this method of floor maintenance.

Upright Vacuuming
To vacuum the floor is an excellent way of keeping the floor clean and slip resistant. Vacuum cleaners can be used to clean shag carpets and hardwood floors. It is advisable to remove all the furniture from the floor while vacuuming. Use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters, since it will clean up even the tiniest of dust particles that make you sneeze.

Steam Mopping
Steam mopping is a new method that has been adopted in cleaning floors. These mops make use of hot water to loosen dirt and debris from the floor. Steam mops are best on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. All you need to do to use a steam mop is to fill up the canister with water and follow the directions. Make it a point to clean or change the mop pad often in order to avoid infections and allergy due to the spread of bacteria.

Robotic Vacuuming
Why not make use of the latest technology to keep your floor clean as well as safe to walk on. Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for people who are pressed for time. All you need to do is to feed the vacuum disk with the dimensions of your room, and it will automatically start cleaning the floor. Once the work is done, the robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically get to its holder for charging.

Wet Mopping
The easiest of all cleaning methods revolves around the usage of mopping pads that can be clipped onto a plastic stick. The mops in the market today are far better than older mops which are used to become a storehouse for dust, debris and germs after being used for a couple of times. These mops are more sanitary and can be used even by children to clean the floor.