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Information on removing stains on furniture and removing water stains on furniture.

Removing Stains On Furniture

We try to be as careful as we can while using the furniture at home. Inspite of this the furniture can get damaged due to everyday wear and tear. If you are a little careless the furniture can get stained very easily. While using furniture regularly it can get stained by water, oil, color etc. These stains can be removed from the furniture. Here are a few tips on removing common stains from furniture:

Water Stains
  • The most common stains are the white spots and rings made by water.
  • If it is a fresh stain then just remove the source of moisture on the wood surface.
  • The white ring is water vapor trapped on the surface of the finish. It can disappear sometimes because it is reabsorbed by dry air. Humidity can delay the process and using a hair dryer can accelerate the process.
  • If your table has a satin or dull sheen, use a very soft steel wool pad and some lemon oil. Dip the pad in the oil and rub on the stained area in the direction of the grain of the wood. When the stain is removed you may have to polish the rest of the table to even out the sheen. As a final touch wipe off extra oil and apply a polish of your choice.
  • For tables with glossy sheen use a little white toothpaste on a dry cotton towel and rub on stain. It the spot gets glossier than the rest of the area then use rubbing compounds to even the gloss. Use a polish of your choice once you finish.
  • A simple trick is to apply Vaseline on the stain and wipe it off once it disappears.
  • If none of the above work, then the water has penetrated deep inside and you will have to refinish.
Removing Color Stains
  • Stripping wood need not remove color from wood. You can lighten wood if is stained dark.
  • You can always stain wood to look darker but cannot always lighten the stain.
  • If the furniture is stained with aniline dye then you can remove it using chemicals to bleach it. You will have to do this outdoors and you must use a respirator.
  • To remove dark stains from wood, like dark rings, gray oxidation use oxalic acid crystals. Make a saturated solution using the crystals. That is mix with warm water till the crystals stop dissolving.
  • Sand the entire surface lightly and apply this solution over the surface using a synthetic brush. Leave till the stain disappears.
  • This treatment will raise the grain. You will have to sand the surface to smoothen it. Wear a particle mask while sanding and do this outdoors if possible.