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Read tips on leather furniture care, cleaning leather furniture and leather furniture cleaner.

Leather Furniture Care

Leather furniture is stylish and sophisticated. When kept in your house, it can make the interiors of your house look tremendously beautiful. This type of furniture adds both modern and retro look to your house. Leather furniture needs more care than furniture with fabric upholstery. Though you will have to make an effort to take care of leather furniture, in the long run it is worth the effort. Leather furniture is more graceful than furniture that looks excessively loud. It also adds comfort to your home. Take proper care of your leather furniture and keep it attractive and comfortable for years to come. This type of furniture is very durable and is easy to maintain. At times you can forget to take care of your leather furniture, but to maintain its grace and value you will have to follow a few suggestions. To make your house attractive, get a leather couch and add more beauty to it. Leather furniture is also very cozy and helps your body relax. Here are few suggestions on leather furniture care:

Cleaning Leather Furniture
  • Keep your leather furniture away from the fireplace and sunlight, since it becomes dry if kept near fire and fades if kept in sunlight.
  • To remove dust and debris from leather furniture, vacuum it regularly or wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Don't use detergents, soaps, ammonia or cleaning solvents to clean your furniture. You will only be permanently destroying your furniture if you do so.  
  • Apply leather conditioner after cleaning your furniture. Put some leather conditioner on a piece of dry cotton cloth and gently move it in a circular motion. After fifteen-twenty minutes, wipe the furniture again. You will find that your furniture has looks new, just like it did when you bought it.
  • Use a soft, dry cloth to blot stains on leather furniture and allow it to air-dry.
  • Use leather furniture cleaners that are recommended by the manufacturers. These cleaners and creams keep the leather soft and supple, and increase their resistance to stains.
  • Leather-care products are easily available at leather furniture stores and with leather manufacturers.At the time of purchasing leather furniture also buy touch-up kits to keep it away from damage.
  • You can also use petroleum jelly regularly to make your furniture soft. Apply some jelly and then wipe clean with a dry cloth, make sure that there is no grease on the sofa.
  • If your furniture is very dirty and you are unable to clean it, contact leather cleaning professionals to know more about how to make your furniture clean.
  • Avoid using sharp objects in its proximity, as leather easily gets scratched.
  • Clean your leather furniture two to three times a week. This will prevent your sofa from acquiring dust, especially in the gaps.
Leather Furniture Cleaner
Leather furniture can last longer if properly cared for. To make it graceful and long-lasting, leather cleaners and conditioners should be used. You should clean your furniture with a leather cleaner to prevent damages of any sort. Apply conditioner after cleaning the furniture. Leather cleaners contain certain oils which help in softening the leather and preserve its shine and flexibility. It also prevents it from dryness and cracks. There are several types of cleaners in the market, you can select them according to the texture of your furniture. Before choosing leather cleaners for your furniture, don't forget to check consumer reviews. Apart from this you can also consult your retailer to ask which one is the best. Different types of leather (Aniline, Suede, and Nubuck) need different types of cleaner as well conditioners. Try to select the best for your furniture.

In comparison with other furniture, leather surely demands extra care and attention. Follow these simple suggestions to keep your leather furniture new and attractive.