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Read information on moving household furniture, moving seating furniture and moving clocks.

Moving Household Furniture

Moving household furniture needs careful planning and execution. All obstructions in the path should be removed in order to protect the furniture. The furniture should be lifted at the point it is the strongest. There are certain things to be remembered when you are moving specific pieces of furniture like seating furniture, tables, case furniture and clocks. Here are the things that you should remember while moving these pieces:

Seating Furniture
  • Lift a chair by the seat rails and no the chair back. The seat rails are the strongest part of the chair.
  • Do not lift by the crest rail.
  • Lift a sofa from under the side frame. Use your legs to lift and not your back.
  • Lift upholstered chairs from under the frame to avoid touching the upholstery.
  • If the chairs have slip seats remove and wrap them separately to prevent them from falling to the ground and getting soiled.
  • Lift the table by the apron and not by the legs or the top.
  • Lifting the table by the top will loosen the screws that hold the top to the rest of the table.
  • Lifting by the legs will cause stress on the legs.
  • Wrap furniture padding around the table's legs to prevent chipping and breaking while moving.
Case Furniture
  • At least two people should move a case. Move if by lifting the bottom of the case.
  • It is best to use a furniture-moving dolly to move a case. It is better for the people involved in moving it and for the piece.
  • You can remove all the drawers of the cabinet, as it will make it easier to move.
  • If the cabinet has handles, wrap them with padding to protect the surface of the piece from damage while moving.
  • Remove all the detachable parts before moving it.
Large Clocks
  • As a large grandfather clock has a number of parts it is difficult to move.
  • Remove pendulum and the weights from inside the clock before moving. These will damage the clock case and the mechanism itself might get damaged.
  • Remove detachable parts before moving. Lock the door of the case before moving.
  • For short distances, lift the clock from under the case. For longer distances move the clock in a flat position like a coffin.
These special precautions must be taken for the above furniture so that they are not damaged while moving them.