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Read tips on homemade Christmas decoration, Christmas tree decoration and Christmas decoration idea.

Homemade Christmas Decoration

As an alternative to the usual plastic trim used for Christmas decoration for the mantle, centerpieces or tables use real Christmas trim. This you can get while buying your Christmas tree. Here are a few suggestions on how to use tree trim for decorating your home.
  • Decorate the mantel with tree trim and place poinsettia flowers, pinecones and pomegranates within it.
  • Place trim on balconies and banisters and hand pomegranates as ornamentation in between the trim.
  • Twine cranberry beads in between the Christmas tree trim.
  • Tie cinnamon sticks with ribbons and tie in between trim.
  • Place tree trim in an elegant glass bowl, add pinecones, small pomegranates, apples and ornaments to the bowl and place it on the table as a centerpiece decoration. You can add tiny handmade paper snowflakes on top.
Here are a few other decorations that you can make with things that occur naturally during Christmas.

Pinecone Place Holders
  • Cut old greeting cards and make name cards. Write the name of the person on the blank side of the card.
  • Use a pinecone as a holder and fit the card into it.
  • Decorate with ribbon or festive fabric.
Colorful Rag Napkin Rings
Use cloth napkins in colors of the festive season. Here are tips to make colorful rag napkin rings in which you can place your colorful napkins.
  • Take brightly colored fabric and cut into strips measuring .5 by 5.
  • Take old napkin rings and tie these strips with a single knot around these rings.
  • Using a needle string dried cranberries onto a thick thread.
  • Tied these strings to the rag rings.
Christmas Tree Decorating
  • Hang things that have a special significance to you on the Christmas tree like, you baby's first shoe or your husband's first Christmas.
  • Tie cookie cutters with ribbons and hang from tree.
  • Hang pomegranate on the tree instead of buying Christmas ornamentation.
Try these natural Christmas decortions, which are simple and easy to make at home, and at the same time will add unique touch to your Christmas decorations.