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Read tips on how to hang a chandelier.

Hanging Chandelier

A Chandelier is a decorative light that is hung from ceiling. It is one of the most attractive and dainty form of lighting. If a chandelier is of proper size and matches with the decor of the room, then it adds a completely new dimension to your room. It was first made by glass makers. Earlier these lights were found in houses of very wealthy and high-class people, but now they can be seen in almost every house. They have become an important lighting object which adds beauty to a place. In previous times, candles were used in chandeliers, but now they have bulbs. There are different designs of chandelier lights; you can choose a design according to the color, size and decor of your room.You can also select designs from interior design magazines. Apart from this, if you are unable to decide, ask the retailer to make suggestions on the best chandelier lights available. You can put chandelier lights in any room. These days kitchen and bathrooms have become popular areas for hanging chandelier lights. Here are a few tips which are important to follow while hanging a chandelier light.

Tips On Hanging Chandelier Lights:
  • It is best to buy a chandelier that is about a foot smaller than your dining table.
  • It must be placed at a distance of about forty-eight inches from the edges of the room.
  • A rule of thumb for chandeliers - If your ceiling is eight feet high then the chandelier should be hung about thirty to thirty-four inches above the dining table.If the ceiling is more than eight feet high, then chandelier chains can be shortened by three inches.
  • Use a wall dimmer to control the intensity of light and to set the mood. Apart from this, it also adds versatility to your room.
  • Placing a chandelier in a lobby or foyer is an excellent way of demarking the interior of the house from the exterior.
  • While fixing a chandelier in the foyer, hang it at a height so that it can illuminate stairways clearly.
  • Chandeliers hung in the lobby can be bigger and broader than the ones used in dining room.
  • Cover the wire or chain of the chandelier with some pretty fabric. Use fabric that is thrice as long as the chain and it will give the chain a beautiful bunched up appearance.
  • You can go for iron chandeliers which will give a classic and antique look, or you can also think about crystal chandeliers which offer a glittering and impressive look.
  • Before hanging the chandelier think about how you will clean it and replace the bulbs.
  • Put decorative chandelier lamp shades that add to the mood you want to create and filter the light. You can hang two-tier chandeliers which will distribute the light completely.
  • The height of the chandelier depends on its style-crystal, simple and elaborate. It also depends on the height and decor of the dining room.
  • Crystals of chandeliers need special cleaning. You must clean your crystal chandelier and chandelier lamp shades in lukewarm water and put three parts of isopropyl alcohol in it. Clean the chandelier gently with a soft cotton cloth.
Chandelier lights you select will be part of your home for a long time. Go for complete research and then buy a chandelier that suits your place the best. Undoubtedly, chandeliers are very beautiful and elegant.