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Tips on landscape lighting and garden lighting.

Landscape Lighting

As simple as it may look at the very first glance, landscape lighting involves more planning than you think. Landscape lighting is a popular concept that was first seen in gardens and the inspiration was soon transformed in to the backyard of affluent homes. The whole process begins with right inquiries, designing and undertaking proper preparation. It is certainly a wearisome affair that lay's ahead but the results are dramatic and worth all the trouble. With landscape lighting you can now enjoy the beauty of your garden at nightfall too. A properly lit garden will help create perfect ambiance and also transform a natural setting into a place that can entertain guests. Remember, you don't want a miniature version of a football stadium in your backyard or front porch. The trick lies in the correct way of illuminating your garden. This will provide you with more than enough light to entertain and create a sundown oasis. The information below comprises a few useful tips, read on to know more.

Landscape Lighting Tips
  • Before you go about choosing the various lighting options first take a good look at your garden and assess your outdoor green space. While you are doing this you need to consider several aspects of your garden such as size and the best parts of your green patch. You can also consult a professional who could give you a few handy tips or ideas.
  • After you have studied the surroundings then you can decide which part of your garden you want to highlight and the ways in which you want to do it. Go through a few magazines or browse the internet for details on the best lighting options available.
  • While you are laying down your garden also make provision for sprinklers and lighting. You may not see a point in why you should be doing this, but you can really never tell.
  • If you have a pathway then you can use good lighting that illuminates the place. This could also act as lighting for your portico if placed rightly.
  • The main objective behind using landscape lighting is to draw attention to the best part of your garden during nightfall. If it is a flowering patch you could showcase it by using a spotlight. In case of a trees or shrubs try using a flood lights as this also help create shadows.
  • If you are one of those lucky people who have beautiful flowering trees that blossom all through the year then you can place spiked lamps near the branches to illuminate them. Lighting a Flame-of-the-Forest, Crape myrtle and Golden Shower will only be a burst of color when compared to the darkness of the evening.
  • Most landowners use harsh and brighter lights. This will really not help you create the right ambience you are looking for. The best thing you can do is use a diffused light to create a soft romantic atmosphere. Tungsten lamps certainly help you achieve this theme.
  • You can always experiment colored lighting. Colored lighting will not only illuminate your place, but also create a unique setting, which is really not a bad thing.
  • Good landscape lighting is one that hides the sources of brightness. This will create a mysterious aura around the surroundings. You can do this is by placing the lights in the right positions, up lighting and down lighting are some of the common techniques used to hide the source.
  • While investing in a lighting fixture make sure to choose wisely. Many a times your lighting fixtures can be the reason for spending a fortune on electric bills. Solar lighting fixtures are the solution to your problem as they help cut down cost to a great extent. For more advantages, place them in sunlit areas in your garden.
  • If you have decided to get landscape lighting then you probably even have a predefined idea on your mind or either looking for something to draw inspiration from. You can find ideas on the internet or visit botanical gardens. You can look out for professional blogs, where you can get online advice for free.