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I-Ching is the Book of Changes, which has its origin in the ancient culture of China. It is the world’s oldest book and the earliest known intuitive decision-making system, which has been based on ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ or the positive and negative energy thought to be the life-force of the world. This divination system helps us to derive personal strategy and insights based on natural wisdom, logic and even practical experiences that have been summed up by generations for our use. It is the most intricate numerical-based oracle devised till date and is more than 4000 years old.

The interesting form of consulting this book is by tossing coins or stalks and then interpreting the patterns of change based on a intense knowledge of the dynamic processes of Nature that lie beyond the normal human consciousness. This oracle is mostly used to find solutions and responses to our questions and problems by interpreting the numerical patterns and the responses that are likely answers for the questions posed at the specific moment. Carl Jung, the acclaimed psychologist studied and researched I-Ching for 30 years and found it a self-contained holism.

Confucius also has been reported to have found its study positive and enthusiastic and expressed his wish to devote an entire lifetime to its study. Both of them accepted the universality of the I Ching's 64 ‘archetypes’ and how its system consists of a complete and balanced set of human situations. The believers in visionary I Ching find it quiet helpful in situations that are beyond human logic, reduce stress around changes and decisions , better management of sensitive family and workplace relationships, making correct decisions and doing things at the right time and access to creative insight and intuitive power.

Home : I-Ching

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