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Bengali sweets are an integral part of Bengal's culture. Read our section on Bengali sweets recipe and learn how to make Bengali Sweets.

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Bengali Sweets Recipes
Cham-Cham is a very delicious sweet made of cheese.
Chena Murki is a sugar-coated Bengali sweet in the shape of cubes.
Chennar Payesh is a popular Bengali dish that adds up to the joy of any celebration.
Chum Chum is a traditional Bengali recipe.
Coconut Almond Sandesh is a very delicious sweet recipe.
Maida Milk Sweet is a delicious Indian sweet.
Mishti Doi is almost synonymous to Bengalis and no celebration is complete without a bowl full of mishti doi.
Misti Doi is a traditional Bengali recipe.
Notun Gurer Payash is a famous Bengali kheer made with rice and jaggery.
Orange Kheer, also known as Kamla Kheer is a traditional Bengali recipe.
Paneer Ki Kheer is sweet recipe straight from the heart of Bengal.
Pantuva is a very popular traditional sweet of Bengal.
Parwal Sweet is a very popular recipe.
Pati Sapta is a very popular Bengali recipe.
Payesh is a very popular dessert recipe for festive occasions.
Pineapple Sandesh is a famous Bengali recipe.
Quick ras malai is a sweet treat that can be made in a matter of minutes.
Raj Bhog is a popular Indian sweet.
Ras Malai is a popular Indian sweet.
Rasgulla is a traditional syrupy dessert of Bengal.
Rasmadhuri is a sweet dish that is very popular in East India.
Rasmalai Ricotta Cheese is a very delicious recipe.
Ricotta Rasmalai is a delicious sweet.
Sandesh is a very popular Bengali recipe.
Stuffed Gur And Raisin Sandesh is a very delicious recipe.
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