Goan Fish Recipes

What is Goan food without Goan Fish recipes? So here's our amazing collection of Goan fish recipes for you to read and learn how to make Goan fish.
Fish Curry
The Goan fish curry tastes best when cooked with tuna fish, but you can use any firm white-fleshed fish to prepare this food. The USP of this dish is the margination of fish in tamarind paste or lime juice. This gives the dish a tangy taste which makes our mouth water. The spicy curry complements the tangy fish too well.

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Goan Fish Curry
Goan Fish Curry is a very popular goan recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Goan Fish Curry by following this easy recipe.

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Fish Moilee
The Fish Moilee is a very delicious and yummy Goan recipe cuisine. Learn how to make/prepare Fish Moilee by following this easy recipe.

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Fish Temperade
Fans of sea food should pamper themselves with the Fish temperade, a dish which is quite popular in Goa and other coastal regions of India. A bowl of rice with this delicacy is considered a satisfactory meal by many.

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Surmai Fish
Surmai Fish is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Surmai Fish by following this easy recipe.

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