Malabar Fish Recipes

Try out our scrumptious Malabar fish recipes. Read them and learn how to make Malabar fish.
Fish Curry with Coconut
Fish curry is a typical Malabar recipe that is made in every keralite house. Cooked with a whole lot of authentic spices and coconut milk and relished with rice, this is one dish no fish eater can say no to.

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Malabari Fish Curry
This traditional Kerala spicy fish curry dish will entice you just by its aroma. Delving into this dish is worth every minute.

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Fish Pickle
Fish pickle is an amazing side dish that is made with big chunks of fish and lots of yummy spices, enhancing the taste a 100 times. If you ever take a trip down to Kerala, then your journey would not be complete unless you try this dish at least once.

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