Rice Salads Recipes

Rice salads make excellent side dish. Learn how to make rice salads by reading our section on rice salads recipe.
Fruit Rice Salad
When spicy meals don't seem the best idea due to the scorching climate, then the fruit rice salad is the best bet. This cold, nutritious main course is a hit with those living in extreme heat conditions yet require a full sustainable meal.

• Veg.   • Easy    Rating: 6.5 / 10 (4 votes)
Colorful Rice Salad
Have left over rice lying around? Grab some veggies and meat of your choice and cook up this simple yet delectable Colorful Rice Salad. You can experiment with variety of vegetables, meat or cheese while making it.

• Non Veg.   • Easy   
Rice Tuna Salad
Rice Tuna Salad is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Rice Tuna Salad by following this easy recipe.

• Non Veg.   • Easy   
Wild Rice and Orange Salad is a very delicious recipe. Learn how to make/prepare Wild Rice and Orange Salad by following this easy recipe.

• Veg.   • Average   

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