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This section on Sherbet / Lassi Recipes contains an assortment of Sherbet, Sherbet Punch, Lassi Recipes. Sherbet and Lassi are traditional Indian drinks. Sherbet and Lassi are considered as coolers and are meant to provide much needed respite from the hot Indian summer. Try out these authentic Indian drinks.

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Sherbet/Lassi Recipes
Aam Ka Panna is a tasty sherbet that brings relief from the scorching heat of sun.
Aam Ki Lassi is a chilling and refreshing recipe.
Angoori Lassi Recipe is a very delicious drink.
Badam Sherbet is a tasty, yummy dink that can be enjoyed in summers.
Beetroot Chaas is a very nutritious and tasty.
Bel Ka Sharbat is an excellent cooler for stomach during summers.
Belfal Sharbat is a refreshing drink that brings relief from the scorching heat of sun.
Bhang Lassi is usually prepared on some special occasions such as Holi, Mahashivaratri.
Black Grape Sherbet is a tangy spicy drink for hot summers.
Buttermilk Drink is a very delightful drink.
Chass Lassi is a very popular summer drink recipe.
Chutney Lassi is a special blend of green chutney and yogurt.
Cranberry Lassi is a very delightful recipe.
Custard Apple Sherbet is a very popular recipe.
Fruit Lassi is a very original alternative to the normal lassi recipe.
Gulaab-E-Aab is a tasty rose flavored drink.
Gulab Ka Sharbat is a very tasty and thirst-quenching drink.
Imli Ka Amlana is a tangy refreshing cool drink to beat the heat in the summer.
Jeera Masala Lassi is a very cool drink for summer.
Kesari Lassi is a summer drink.
Lassi Patiala is a very delicious beverage, especially had to beat the heat of summers.
Lemon Banana Lassi is a cool, refreshing and energetic drink.
Lemon sharbat is a freshening beverage for the summer season.
Lemon Sherbet is a refreshingly cooling drink for summer days.
Malai Lassi is a very popular summer drink of North India.
Mango Lassi is a very popular recipe.
Mango Sherbet is a very delecious recipe.
Mango-Mint Lassi With Indian Sweet Spices is a delicious recipe, giving a totally different and complex touch to the original mango lassi.
Masala Buttermilk is a rich and nutritious, lip-smacking drink.
Masala Soda is delicious refreshing summer drink.
Orange Lassi is a very popular recipe.
Orange Mint Cooler is a refreshing drink.
Peshwari Lassi is a very popular and tasty cool drink.
Pineapple Aabshola is a refreshing sherbet.
Raspberry Sherbet is a tasty recipe.
Spicy Buttermilk is a cool and savory drink, popular in the summer season.
Strawberry Lassi is a delicious and refreshing drink.
Sweet Lassi is a very popular recipe.
Tamarind Cooler is one of the most popular drinks in Mexico.
Thandai is a refreshing and healthful drink, traditionally associated with many Hindu festivals.
Watermelon slush with ice cream is a yummy recipe.
Zafrani Sherbet is an absolutely delicious drink with the rich flavor of saffron.
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