Coconut Dosa Recipe

Coconut Dosa Recipe
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Coconut Dosa is a very popular recipe. Learn how to make South Indian Coconut Dosa by following this simple & easy recipe.
Coconut Dosa Recipe
Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Cooking Time 30 Minutes
Difficulty Easy
Rating 10.0 / 10 (1 vote)
Recipe Type Veg.
  • 1 cup Long Grain Rice
  • ½ cup Coconut (grated)
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil
How to make Coconut Dosa:
  • Soak the rice in water for around 6 hours.
  • Grind the rice with coconut to make the smooth paste.
  • Pour little water while grinding, if necessary, to provide the batter a pouring consistency.
  • Mix in salt to taste, and leave the batter for 1-2 hours.
  • Heat a flat pan on high flame, and grease with oil.
  • Pour a tbsp of batter onto the pan and immediately spread it evenly in a circular shape.
  • Pour 1 tbsp of oil on and around the dosa.
  • Cook till it gets crisp and golden in color.
  • Roll it in a cylindrical form and remove from the flame.
  • Serve with chutney.