Danish Potato Soup Recipe

Danish Potato Soup is a delicious hearty soup. Learn how to make/prepare Danish Potato Soup by following this easy recipe.
Danish Potato Soup Recipe
Preparation Time 25 Minutes
Cooking Time 100 Minutes
Difficulty Easy
Recipe Type Non Veg.
Serves 6
  • 1 Ham Bone
  • Water (as required)
  • 2 Potatoes (peeled and diced)
  • 6 Green Onions (sliced)
  • 3 stalks Celery (chopped)
  • ¼ cup fresh Parsley (minced)
  • 2 cups Cabbage (chopped)
  • 2 Carrots (diced)
  • 3 tbsp All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup Light Cream
  • Nutmeg (ground, for garnishing)
How to make Danish Potato Soup:
  • Combine ham bone and 2 quarts of water in a soup kettle. Boil the liquid.
  • Reduce the flame and simmer for 1 hour till the meat pulls away from the bone.
  • Remove the ham bone and cool it.
  • Trim any meat left and dice it.
  • Discard the bone and return back the ham to the kettle.
  • Add potatoes, green onions, parsley, cabbage and carrots. Stir and cook for 40 minutes.
  • Mix flour with ¼ cup cold water.
  • Pour the flour water to the soup, stirring constantly.
  • Boil the soup and cook for further 2 minutes.
  • Reduce heat and add in light cream. Stir.
  • Remove the soup from heat and ladle into soup bowls.
  • Garnish each bowl with nutmeg and serve immediately.