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Indian Recipes : Murtabak Recipe
Martabak is a popular appetizer usually served with slices of cucumber, onion, and curry sauce. Learn how to make/prepare Motabbag by following this easy recipe.

Murtabak Recipe
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Non Veg.

• 10 oz All purpose flour
• 1/2 Cup ghee
• 2-3 Fresh green Serrano
• 1 Large onion, finely chopped
• 1 Egg for each dough sheet
• 1/2 Cup water
• Salt to taste

For Meat Filling:
• 1 lb Ground lamb or beef
• 2 tbsp Ghee
• 1 Onion, finely chopped
• 1 tbsp Fresh ginger, finely minced
• 2-1/2 tbsp Meat curry powder
• 2 tbsp Cilantro, finely chopped
• 2 tbsp Fresh mint, finely chopped
How to make Murtabak:
To Prepare Meat Filling:
Take a wok or saucepan and heat ghee.
Add chopped onion, ginger, and meat curry powder,
Stir-fry for about 1 to2 minutes, add ground meat.
Stir with spatula and break up meat so that there will be no clumps, cook until well browned.
Add cilantro and mint, stir to mix well with meat, promptly remove from the flame.
Let it cool fully.

To Prepare Murtabak:
Sieve flour and salt into a bowl.
Mix ghee, add water gradually and knead till the dough is smooth.
Let the dough rest for about 2 to 3 hrs to soften.
Make small balls from the dough, oil the work top with ghee and work each ball into a very thin sheet.
First flatten with oiled palms, now thin it again by pulling the edges.
Sprinkle the dough sheet with 1 tsp ghee and fold in edges, shape it into a square.
Now sprinkle a little flour and roll out into a paper-thin rectangular sheet.
Preheat the griddle or pan, grease it well with ghee.
Break one egg in the middle of the rectangular sheet and carefully spread the egg over the middle portion of it.
Sprinkle some chopped onions and finely sliced green Serrano.
Spoon about 2 tbsp curried meat filling evenly and fold in the four into a fine square.
Quickly lift the murtabak, using both hands, onto a preheated griddle.
Cook for about 2 to 3 minutess until golden brown.
Lift Murtabak up, grease the griddle with ghee, and cook the other side until brown.
Cut it into 2 or 4 pieces.
Serve hot or cold.
Murtabak Recipe

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  Recipe Reviews
I think it's good because, from here I can learn about the recipes. Actually, I dislikes murtabak, but I have to like it because my beloved boyfriend Afiq likes to eat it. So, thank you so much for this recipe.
Submitted by: nursyafiqah amalina
posted : 22-Aug-2010 02:05 AM

i like murtabak very much....
Submitted by: Ellyvia
posted : 22-Jul-2008 06:42 AM

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