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Indian Recipes : Octopus Stew Recipe
Octopus Stew is a favourite dish of fishermen. Learn how to make/prepare Octopus Stew by following this easy recipe.

Octopus Stew Recipe
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Non Veg.

• 1 kg Octopus
• 6 Tomatoes
• 6 Onions
• 6 Large potatoes
• 8 Cloves of garlic
• 8 Olives
• 1 tbsp Capers
• Olive oil for frying
• Red wine
• Few leaves of mint and marjoram
• Pinch of thyme
How to make Octopus Stew:
Clean the octopus and remove the edible flesh.
Keep the flesh in a plastic bag and beat it.
Cut the flesh into pieces with a knife.
Rinse in salted water and drain.
Transfer the pieces to a pot.
Stew the pieces over a low flame for an hour. If the liquid is too dry, add little hot water.
Meanwhile, Peel and chop the onions. Chop the tomatoes also.
Fry the onions in olive oil till tender.
Add chopped tomatoes and crushed garlic.
When tomatoes become soft, add the chopped olives, capers and all herbs.
Raise the temperature of boiling stew and pour 1/4 bottle red wine.
Now reduce the flame and simmer slowly till the amount of liquid reduces considerably.
Serve the stew with boiled potatoes.

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